Sister Feelings Call T-Shirt At SM Shop

It won’t fit me. I have bigger jugs than Oktoberfest! Lol. But seeing as there was an email come in with a £5 discount and all…and the shirt is half price at £8…and take that fiver off! Too good to miss!

Simple Minds Shop

2 thoughts on “Sister Feelings Call T-Shirt At SM Shop

    • I’m not sure. The official Simple Minds shop only produced them in a fitted ladies shirt up to an XL, I think. And only sizes Small and Large are available there now. I guess they thought only women would want to wear a shirt with that slogan on it – which is odd. There were men/unisex shirts produced with “Theme For Great Cities” printed on them. It’s not really the same though.
      As far as I know, there has never been a Sons And Fascination shirt produced, which really is a shame.

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