Dream In The Latest Dream…

My brain is buckling. It’s FINALLY giving me some dream scenarios now and again. This morning it was the airport. In this one, I was hanging out at the local airport.

Now, before I go ANY further…I MUST point out that, despite numerous reports over the years of quite a few stars coming through the airport (including Michael Jackson, no less!), I’ve never spotted anyone remotely famous whenever I’ve been there.

This dream started out like all my real life wanders through the airport…I was seeing ZIP. Then suddenly I spies Noel Gallagher and his Missus from a while back, Meg Matthews (was my dream outdated?). I was thinking “OK, that’s not bad as celeb spotting goes. A bit 1997, but hey ho!”. But of course, in my weird semi-lucid state of dreaming, I was after Sir Kerr. What were the chances gonna be? I have NO idea whether he has ever come through Luton airport (in a manner of speaking). And with my ratio of dream to non-dreams of Sir, I wasn’t banking on it!

The airport was SUPER busy in the dream. My eyes were darting EVERYWHERE! Lol. I was totally on the lookout. There was a really long queue to my right that I was walking past. And then, I see a man. I’m eyeing him up thinking “NO! It can’t be! Can it?! IT BLOODY WELL IS! I think…is it?” I’ve deliberately slowed down now, having stopped in my tracks when I first spot what I believe to be Jim. But not Jim as he is now, but several years back, like 2009 or something (why am I dreaming of people out of date?). I am walking ever so slowly…making my way closer…sideways and forwards…slowly creeping up to him on his left side. My heart is really starting to pound…I am ever so near now…just within earshot. He is oblivious, just patiently waiting in said queue (Jim Kerr in a queue! At Luton airport? Why?! And AS IF! Lol). I’m now right by him. I open my mouth to speak, heart absolutely frigging pounding away at a million miles an hour in my chest…AND THEN I WAKE UP!!!! My heart still fucking pounding like a startled rabbit! Lol

If I can be like that in a dream…what the hell would I be like if the opportunity ever availed itself for real?! I do believe I would QUITE LITERALLY have a heart attack.

I will probably never find out. I’m sure the man must think I am nuttier than a pack of Bombay Mix!

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