Film Star

It’s a matter-of-fact title. I gave it a film effect and added a load of stars – hence: Film Star. 

I also hadn’t titled anything LDF for a while – and this picture is right in the period for which I give him that title. Laird Dash Fandango could very well have been a film star if he wanted to. I suppose that ever so endearing speech impediment could have been a stumbling block at the time. Imagine him on the screen though, starring with his female film crushes Sissy Spacek and Nastassja Kinski, and the male ones…Jack (Nicholson) and Bob (De Niro). One can only dream of what could have been…

He could have been an amazing blend of a Bogart style actor, with that somewhat Anthony Perkins look to him of that time. Oh, I can see it well. Wonderfully brooding stares to camera, steaming up the celluloid! He’d have rivalled anything that Marlon Brando or James Dean had fixed to the lens.

A rebel WITH a cause?! Very definitely! (Yes, I do like to fantastise. Illness can send you off with the fairies…who needs Prozac?)

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