Jittery Jim

He mentioned very recently about suffering nerves…which is odd because in interviews I’ve seen from the time he says he’s NOT nervous onstage…maybe it was only ever beforehand? Or an act of denial, defiance and bravado to say such things in those interviews? Maybe just…the build up to going out onstage got the better of him? And once there…

Not that you can ever see it! On the very odd occasion it may be detectable, but only through the result of him taking…substances…to combat it, and looking somewhat glassy-eyed (the Hurrah’s Club clips are one such giveaway). But he is still utterly enthralling, mesmerising…captivating.

Anyways, the organiser of the Futurama gigs that happened in the early eighties mentions Jim’s nervousness (and subsequent mishap) here….
(highlighted in pink)

I’m sure Jim also talked about the Futurama 3 gig recently, but I can’t find that on SMO…but below is a link to the post on China Crisis in which he mentions having attacks of pre-gig nerves.

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