Merry Christmas – From Prip And LDF

He is my superhero. I absolutely adore him! He makes the days brighter. He is…the start, the middle and the end. The sun, the moon and the stars.

He makes me feel alive and makes me want to live! Jim Kerr – you are all things to me. Beautiful, in every sense of the word. Beautiful to behold, awesome (in its true definition) intelligence. Sex god!

Merry Christmas – from sycophancy Nancy – aka Priptona Weird – aka Larelle…nutter and would-be stalker (no!) fan.

To all of you who come here and suffer my forlorn fangirl fascinations and fantasies. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Let’s hope that 2021 is a better one!

Happy Anniversary Sweat In Bullet!

It’s been the inspiration for a few art pieces, and the video is a fave. Jim is sssoooo frigging skinny in this video. He’s got his gammy eye and he is that heady mix of fledgling Laird Dash Fandango in his collared shirt and tailored trousers but with that bit of “gangster rough” with it.

Oh, and him doing all those whipping actions with the mic cord….OMG! It used to have me saying stuff like, “WHIP ME, JIM! PLEASE! WHIP ME!” Lol. Oh…the fantasies!

Anyways! It’s a Happy Anniversary to Sweat In Bullet being released as a single a mere 39 years ago today. Enjoy…art and video… (the first is still a fave, even though I did it yonks ago)

Visuals from Glittering Prize for the last one but words from Sweat In Bullet.

Two Weeks To Go – A Little Bit Of Cheer

“Don’t you have enough images of Jim?” I hear you ask? Erm…NO! Obviously not! Lol

And with the number of images Virginia Turbett has of Jim ALONE, that is unlikely to change soon. I have only a few on my STRICT “shopping list” to go. Which will then have brought my collection of Virginia Turbett prints to (I think) 150.

Again, if money was no object, I’d keep going. I’m sure I will still buy one here and there, when funds allow. I love them all too much!

I think we can safely say that I have the biggest collection of Virginia Turbett Simple Minds/Jim Kerr photos in the entire universe now. Well, apart from Virginia herself, that is.

The one that is in the middle of the three? It accompanies the old “fiddle merchant” one that you guys know is a favourite. Now “fiddle merchant” gets joined with “holy shit! If I had been Virginia taking this photo I’d have MELTED/ sultry, brooding, down-the-camera-lens/excuse me while I rock back and forth on the spot while cradling myself/he’s just so goddamn fucking beautiful!“ photo sitting on the chair…with the boots and the white t-shirt and the jeans and the slick back hair.

Imma gonna die! Or my eyes are gonna fall out. One or the other.


Three more for the collection.

Someone Somewhere In Summertime With LDF

Had a go at tidying up the image of Jim in the SSIS fold-out poster with the 7” vinyl. Don’t know if any of you guys have a crease proof copy, but I don’t…and I have three of them! Lol.
30+ years of being folded up will do that.

The crease stubbornly would fall all down the left side of his face across his eye (and when I say the left side…I mean from his perspective). I tried tidying it up years ago, but thought I’d have a fresh go…and just added a few other “improvements”. (Not so much with him…it’s impossible to improve upon perfection…)

The fresh attempt was spurred on by someone viewing my original attempt of “improvement” a couple of days ago.

Promised You Some LDF

It’s the 1981 aesthetic. Jim wearing collared shirts and tailored trousers. All very Great Gatsby and just oozing sophistication and sex appeal. He looks like a 1940s film star. So I coined the nickname “Laird Dash Fandango” for him, to sum up the look and his stage presence at the time.

Stills from the Sweat In Bullet video.

What a divine creature you are, Mr Kerr…ahem, I mean LDF 😉🥰😘

Film Star

It’s a matter-of-fact title. I gave it a film effect and added a load of stars – hence: Film Star. 

I also hadn’t titled anything LDF for a while – and this picture is right in the period for which I give him that title. Laird Dash Fandango could very well have been a film star if he wanted to. I suppose that ever so endearing speech impediment could have been a stumbling block at the time. Imagine him on the screen though, starring with his female film crushes Sissy Spacek and Nastassja Kinski, and the male ones…Jack (Nicholson) and Bob (De Niro). One can only dream of what could have been…

He could have been an amazing blend of a Bogart style actor, with that somewhat Anthony Perkins look to him of that time. Oh, I can see it well. Wonderfully brooding stares to camera, steaming up the celluloid! He’d have rivalled anything that Marlon Brando or James Dean had fixed to the lens.

A rebel WITH a cause?! Very definitely! (Yes, I do like to fantastise. Illness can send you off with the fairies…who needs Prozac?)


I don’t know why…but after a while…it just becomes therapy. There’s a compulsion. It relaxes me. 

I hadn’t played with this one for a while. It’s the eyes. The eyes draw me in. By God, he is devastatingly gorgeous. 

I need to find out who the photographer of this photo is too.

How can someone this…EXOTIC…be called Jim? It’s too plain. Too ordinary. But then anything else would be too pretentious. But *THAT* look right there SCREAMS “pretentiousness”. 

It’s a Laird Dash Fandango moment, surely? And that pose. That signature pose of the time.

Okay, I’m going to bed before I drown in a pool of my own drool. Lol

The Mature Laird Dash Fandango…

Oh, he’s like a fine wine…or a great cheese (I know! Lol. It’s a crap analogy, but I don’t drink wine…so I had to compare it to something I actually enjoy)…he has aged well.

I never thought I would see a “mature” LDF…but, here he is. Look at that fine cut of a man! That jacket! 🙂 OK, he’s in jeans rather than tailored trousers…but the jeans are exactly what he needs to wear now. And, sometimes…we get…erm…Brucey bonuses! (Lol. I am SSOO overt!)

May is a long way away…

Click the picture for more images from last night’s Mannheim NOTP.

Some LDF Fun

I’ve been working on a massive art project. Massive for me, at least! My first proper piece of commissioned work. It has been both wonderfully exciting, yet laborious and stressful at the same time.

The rewards await. The main reward being (not the monetary aspect, not the fact that my work will potentially be seen by thousands…tens of thousands of people) the finality of a job well done and an extremely happy client. Hopefully that is just around the corner. Any day now! 

I’m sure all will be revealed in good time.

In the meantime, I needed a de-stress. Despite having worked hours and hours on the project so far…my de-stress today was to make more art. Something for me. Something I could have fun with and totally “free (wonder!) style” with.

This picture of Jim was stored away in my files, languishing. Every time I would see it I’d think “I must do something with this!” And so…it has been given some LDF treatment. I wish I could paint it into a loose Vettriano style. It’s just another picture in which he looks like he’s just stepped out of one of Vettriano’s paintings. 

The 1940s film star – Laird Dash Fandango.

I’m unsure of the photographer, but given the location and time period, I would hazard a guess at it being Virginia Turbett. She always captured him so beautifully…hence I think it must be one of hers.

The Laird

Jim Kerr – what a man! One day he can be snake-hipped frontman sex god – dressed head to toe in leather and OOZE sex!

The next, he can be in a collared shirt, tailored trousers and loafers and look for all the world like a 1940’s film star – in his guise as Laird Dash Fandango.

One day sexy, one day debonaire…every day beautiful! In 1981 and today. (Yes! I am a CONFIRMED hopeless case!)