Happy Anniversary Sweat In Bullet!

It’s been the inspiration for a few art pieces, and the video is a fave. Jim is sssoooo frigging skinny in this video. He’s got his gammy eye and he is that heady mix of fledgling Laird Dash Fandango in his collared shirt and tailored trousers but with that bit of “gangster rough” with it.

Oh, and him doing all those whipping actions with the mic cord….OMG! It used to have me saying stuff like, “WHIP ME, JIM! PLEASE! WHIP ME!” Lol. Oh…the fantasies!

Anyways! It’s a Happy Anniversary to Sweat In Bullet being released as a single a mere 39 years ago today. Enjoy…art and video… (the first is still a fave, even though I did it yonks ago)

Visuals from Glittering Prize for the last one but words from Sweat In Bullet.

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Sweat In Bullet!

    • I’ve heard two conflicting stories. One was that he just had an eye infection. Sounds rather tenuous, that one. The other is…(more believable) he was in a punch up.
      He did also say some years ago talking about the filming of it and Love Song, that he and Charlie got up to some shenanigans the night before and got themselves arrested for trying to gatecrash a private party somewhere in London. Perhaps his eye got accidentally elbowed by the arresting officer or something? Who knows for sure. (Jim?)

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