Soloman Solohead – A LostBowie Track?

I posted this on the SMO wall…but in case it gets taken down…for some reason I won’t understand, I’ll put it here too.

Listening to my Spotify playlist at night (as I usually do), the track Soloman Solohead from the Lostboy! album played. And as it began I was thinking “I do really like this song, but I have always found it quite…jarring…almost…LACKING IN MELODY!” (I put that in capitals because that’s how it hit me in my thoughts) And…I jumped up to write this while fresh in my mind. Before you get…peed off at my description there, let me explain.

Now this song (to me) bears all the sounds that you say you…”struggle” to…appreciate??? in David Bowie’s sound post-Let’s Dance.

Soloman Solohead is a track that could EASILY fit on….Outside, Earthling, dare I say…HEATHEN! Apologies for not knowing who the guitarist is on the track (I tried to find out by looking on the Interwebs but it’s very late/early and I didn’t want to lose my train of thought) – but their playing style rather smacks of the playing style of some of Bowie’s more “distorted” leads (ie: a Reeves Gabrels type).

I AM NOT DISSING THIS TRACK AT ALL JIM! Please do not misconstrue what I am saying….but what I heard just now…to me…was a song that you expressed to me was what you didn’t like about Bowie’s modern style.

That is why I had to sit up and write this out. It just struck me as such…and I had to air it. I needed to pick up the conversation from where we left it.

I don’t expect a reply…it was a merely an observation…but what I had to express while fresh in my mind.

If I had waited until later this morning, I’d have forgotten all about it (good – he says!).

I also saw that from trying to find out details of the guitarist by going to the Dream Giver Redux site that, for you, the song harked back to the sound of Citizen (Dance Of Youth) – that piece of info blew my tiny little mind! I can’t say I ever put the two together, but I am loving the concept…the notion.

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