Maxed Out In Minutes – The Anchoress Q&A For Rough Trade

It seems a bit surplus to need of highlighting this, as the tickets for it have already gone – FLOWN OUT ON THE WINDOW in mere hours (perhaps only minutes? Bloody quick sticks anyway!) – but I will talk of it anyway.

On release day, Catherine will conduct a Q&A for Rough Trade, hosted by Pete Paphides about her new album, The Art of Losing.

Thank god I didn’t hang about in getting my ticket as there was only a limit of 300 available. Perhaps that may expand to further tickets released? Who knows? Perhaps the Q&A can be seen later?

I’ll look forward to it and count the days. Have been counting the days of release anyway.

In the meantime, you can check out current single (and title track) The Art Of Losing below.

Happy Anniversary Sweat In Bullet!

It’s been the inspiration for a few art pieces, and the video is a fave. Jim is sssoooo frigging skinny in this video. He’s got his gammy eye and he is that heady mix of fledgling Laird Dash Fandango in his collared shirt and tailored trousers but with that bit of “gangster rough” with it.

Oh, and him doing all those whipping actions with the mic cord….OMG! It used to have me saying stuff like, “WHIP ME, JIM! PLEASE! WHIP ME!” Lol. Oh…the fantasies!

Anyways! It’s a Happy Anniversary to Sweat In Bullet being released as a single a mere 39 years ago today. Enjoy…art and video… (the first is still a fave, even though I did it yonks ago)

Visuals from Glittering Prize for the last one but words from Sweat In Bullet.

A Cock Ain’t A Cock On A Twelve Inch Screen – Happy Anniversary Diamond Dogs


It remains one of my most played Bowie albums. He worked so much on “the concept” for albums – but this one really did go all out. I mean, it was meant to have a full-on theatrical stage production after all!

The touring of that was short lived. I think the increasingly cocaine addicted Bowie soon realised how….overly ambitious the whole thing was – and as is any artist’s prerogative, he changed tack and led us all to believe that he wanted to now have a stripped down tour.

I have to listen to it from start to finish…as much as the title track sometimes feels a bit overplayed for me personally, I find it rude to skip. Sometimes I do single out my favourite track on the album to listen to it on its own – Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me. But then I also love We Are The Dead and then I find I might as well play the whole damn thing. Lol

I had a copy of the Rykodisc CD in the ‘90s with the outtakes on it. The alternative versions of Dodo and Candidate became fast favourites. Candidate, in particular, has some great lines – including the one I chose to title this post with.

Although obviously not part of the original album, the  song evolved and when parenthesised with Sweet Thing (and with a change of tune and lyrics) became part of the album, albeit in title only.

Happy Anniversary, Diamond Dogs – for your future’s sake listen to the demo of Candidate – and pretend you’re walking home.


Can You Hear Me, Major Tom? Fifty Years On.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the release of Space Oddity.

I’m trying to have some recollection of when I first heard it. Obviously not when it was released, is it came out some 15 months before I was born. I don’t have any clear recollection when I did finally hear it but I know I’d have been very young and it would have been on the radio.

I have a clearer memory of hearing Sorrow on the radio quite a bit. And probably at the time of its release as it would have been 1973 and I know I was very young when I first recall hearing it. I remember it being a Bowie song (well, actually a cover) that I really liked.

As for Space Oddity…how can you not be drawn in by the song’s theme and its opening? The countdown sequence. It’s a magical thing. And pretty far removed from anything else on the eponymous 1969 album – alternatively titled “Man Of Words/Man Of Music” when released in the USA.

It was a very timely…and I am sure in fact, deliberately canny, release with Apollo 11 heading off for the Moon less than a week later. It made it to number 5 in the UK charts due largely on the strength that the BBC used it during coverage of the return journey by the Apollo 11 astronauts to Earth.

Happy Anniversary Space Oddity. Fifty years young, and a timeless classic.

We Jumped The Gun – Again – Still Not LIAD Anniversary, YET!

Yesterday I was out-anoraked.

Jim had posted about it being the anniversary of Life In A Day and smuggins here felt a little bit pleased with herself that he was acknowledging the correct date of release. Well, so I had deluded myself. (And obviously he had thought so too…)

The holy bible that is Dream Giver Redux had a Zoom press release from the time showing that the album had been set for release for April 13th. Well, obviously Bruce and Brian had done what I did months back investing in my Mott The Hoople ticket, and neglected to take in that it was Easter weekend.

And as my anorak friend had pointed out on SMO FB, it was indeed Easter weekend on April 13th, 1979. He had said in his comment that in the New Gold Dream tour program it showed the release date to be 20/4/1979. I admit to looking at my scanned copy of my signed version of the program, and there it was! He also said he had seen a subsequent Zoom press release showing the revised date.

I am happy to declare I have been well and truly outdone in the anorak stakes. Lol

Fingers Are Tapping…


As the first week of October has just left us…it is now increasingly unlikely that there is going to be a November release of the new Simple Minds album. Considering how long in the making it has been…and how long Caroline International have had it in their hands, I’m actually shocked! It seemed the most obvious choice for me. Big Music got a late October/early November release (depending on where in the world you were…some got it Oct 31st, others got it November 3rd). Acoustic also had a November release date. And with the formation of the band being given as November, 1977, it stood to reason to release the album then.

Okay, we ARE only in the second week of October and it still just about leaves room for a LATE November release. But news of the previous two albums started trickling through in September. August in Big Music’s case.

So, it is now increasingly looking more like a January, 2018 release…putting it more inline with 40 years of live Simple Minds. But, no tour details, as yet. That is looking increasingly like a summer/autumn tour. Jim, in a post to SMO FB after the end of the Acoustic Tour said there would be festivals for Simple Minds next summer. Is that how next year’s tour season is going to go? A SM early spring tour is looking unlikely.

So, this is the new scenario: A January release date for album number 18? (19? – I never know which we’re meant to be at.) And then a summer festival tour, followed by a autumn arena tour?

Ooh…we have a long old wait on our hands! A blessing in disguise for us skint to buggery types, still paying off their debt for the previous tour…but an agonising wait nonetheless.

Needing Spark…

I’m trying to keep the site fresh and appealing (even though it *is* a personal blog, and Kerr rich/heavy).

I’m pretty broke at the mo. Spending is at a minimum. I can’t spend out to source rare material from magazines, etc. 

The art keeps going…but, well, there’s only so much SM themed art I can do…and I am worried that trying to do another 100 Simple Minds themed lyric pieces will be….too much (as much as it pains me to say that!).

I still have some “why I love” pieces to write up. 

Kerrsday Thursday is pretty much “no more” (see above for at least one reason).

I love the weekend whirliGIG concept…but it’s just once a week. And then there’s Minds Music Monday.

Jim is really quiet. No news is forthcoming. I’m assuming due to the date of the formation of the band, no album release is happening until November. Perhaps we only just have a few short weeks to wait before we start getting news and momentum will build up again in the next few weeks?

I really, REALLY hope so! The wait is now getting quite agonising.

*twiddles thumbs*

*taps fingers on tabletop*

I want to inject more LIFE into this site…band news in the form of album release and future tour details would REALLY help inject some life into the place.

In the meantime, if you guys have any ideas for the blog. Subjects you’d like to see, etc…gizza buzz!