Some LDF Fun

I’ve been working on a massive art project. Massive for me, at least! My first proper piece of commissioned work. It has been both wonderfully exciting, yet laborious and stressful at the same time.

The rewards await. The main reward being (not the monetary aspect, not the fact that my work will potentially be seen by thousands…tens of thousands of people) the finality of a job well done and an extremely happy client. Hopefully that is just around the corner. Any day now! 

I’m sure all will be revealed in good time.

In the meantime, I needed a de-stress. Despite having worked hours and hours on the project so far…my de-stress today was to make more art. Something for me. Something I could have fun with and totally “free (wonder!) style” with.

This picture of Jim was stored away in my files, languishing. Every time I would see it I’d think “I must do something with this!” And so…it has been given some LDF treatment. I wish I could paint it into a loose Vettriano style. It’s just another picture in which he looks like he’s just stepped out of one of Vettriano’s paintings. 

The 1940s film star – Laird Dash Fandango.

I’m unsure of the photographer, but given the location and time period, I would hazard a guess at it being Virginia Turbett. She always captured him so beautifully…hence I think it must be one of hers.

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