A Loss For Words

I feel as if I have antagonised him in the past few days – inadvertantly.

Today I kept quiet. Today I would have loved to have said a million things. At least several things – or just one thing. My usual thing I say on this day each year…”love to your mum”.

But, there are just never enough words. I wanted to be the comfort he has always been to me with my mum. Every time I have needed it most…when out in Oz…through the past couple of months….

I’ve discussed recent issues here. Reluctantly. A return home seems no nearer to coming to fruition than it was one month ago…two months ago. Australia may as well be as far away as Mars at the moment. I am no nearer getting to it.


In recent posts about his mum, Jim has shared an image of a yellow rose. I’d like to share an image of my mum’s favourite flower – the carnation. She adores the scent of them. As do I…one smell of them reminds me of her.

I wish I had words for you, Jim. But I feel I am best to offer none right now. So today I offered a heart. You, a heart. My heart.

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