Minds Music Monday – Waterfront Extended Version – Happy St Andrew’s Day

One year ago from today (yesterday) we “moved on to up to the Waterfront” and arrived in our new home, and to Scotland, and Glasgow. And on that beautiful, crisp, clear morning – despite feeling so incredibly tired and a little violated, having been robbed for the first time in my life – I already within minutes of arriving had the overwhelming feeling that it was the right move and that this is where I’ll be for the rest of my days.

As tired and drained as I was that morning, I squealed with excitement as we crossed the Clyde, just knowing this place was now going to be home and I could spend time at the banks of this river any time I wanted to.

And I’m sure I’d have had Waterfront playing in my head. Or Speed Your Love To Me…or any plethora of Simple Minds songs.

Today is also St Andrew’s Day and although Waterfront is more specifically about Glasgow, it could easily apply to most of Scotland. It is such an anthemic piece. And it gets the blood pumping.

I do remember being turned on by it back in the day. Oh, the things that could have been had I become a “real” fan of SM back then. I’ll always have regrets.

A few days ago when I had Spotify on in the wee hours, this version of Waterfront played and I lost myself for six minutes…filled with amazement that I actually LIVE in this city now.

Only yesterday was I thinking that had someone told the 13 year old girl listening to that opening bassline in the summer months (in Australia) of early 1984 that, in years to come, she’d be living in the city the song was about. And not only that, but she’d OWN the house she was living in…she’d have scoffed! “No fucking way”!

But…here we are.

Happy St Andrew’s Day, everyone! GIE IT LALDY AND GAUN YERSEL!

Glasgow Anniversary!

One year ago today, we moved in to our new home (new for us!) in Glasgow. It was a loooong journey up. We didn’t get much sleep. Our van was broken into on the way up. Some things were stolen, but a lot of it was okay. And at least they didn’t take off with the van entirely.

Small mercies.

We arrived just about this very minute (writing this out at 8.10am). We got lost during the final few miles once we came off the M74 but we got there in the end.

I love you, Glasgow! And I love you, Scotland! There is nowhere else I would rather be.

Photos showing that it looks almost identical to how it looked when we arrived here in the morning one whole year ago. She’s a little frosty today!

Pet Shop Cats – Update

Today on the “Recreating artworks” FB page, a talented lady posted this in the comments on my post of the kids emulating Chris and Neil on the “actually” album cover.

How awesome is this Photoshop work?! And so she gets proper credit for it, her name is Christina Rutheiser. Thank you! 😊