Shrine Art Attempt Number 2117

Sometimes I come away from the art for a short while – but he always draws me back in. I literally just CANNOT stop looking at him and so the only way I feel justified in doing so is…to make art and have him as the centrepiece.

He’s always the focal point. There’s just…an aesthetic to him that I can’t escape.

He said in a post a few days ago “you can never have too much of a good thing” – well fucking AMEN to that, Mr Kerr! Amen to that!

I wish he meant my “art” – but I am in NO WAY that deluded to think so. But to turn it on its head…it’s the reason for the art…because I can’t get enough of him. ❤️


My own headspace. My own inability to get out of what seems to “help”. It’s habitual. Like a drug. He’s a drug I can’t escape. My heroin.

My life. My wife.

Lou. He’s your bard.

Sweet irony…


Film Star

It’s a matter-of-fact title. I gave it a film effect and added a load of stars – hence: Film Star. 

I also hadn’t titled anything LDF for a while – and this picture is right in the period for which I give him that title. Laird Dash Fandango could very well have been a film star if he wanted to. I suppose that ever so endearing speech impediment could have been a stumbling block at the time. Imagine him on the screen though, starring with his female film crushes Sissy Spacek and Nastassja Kinski, and the male ones…Jack (Nicholson) and Bob (De Niro). One can only dream of what could have been…

He could have been an amazing blend of a Bogart style actor, with that somewhat Anthony Perkins look to him of that time. Oh, I can see it well. Wonderfully brooding stares to camera, steaming up the celluloid! He’d have rivalled anything that Marlon Brando or James Dean had fixed to the lens.

A rebel WITH a cause?! Very definitely! (Yes, I do like to fantastise. Illness can send you off with the fairies…who needs Prozac?)

The Greatest Show On Earth Is Here Tonight…

The painting I did today made me melancholy.
I had never heard of the artist Sir Howard Hodgkin until his recent death. He seemed very prolific…and seemingly he had a compulsion. A drive. Not because he felt as though he actually painted “subjects” or even ENJOYED the creative process, but because…he just had to to. It was an exercise in “expulsion”. Driving things out. Washing the soul. Cleansing. And it was his “job”. All he felt capable of doing.

But for him, seemingly, deeply angst-ridden and painful. When interviewed by the BBC in 2014 he said, “People have often said to me, ‘aren’t you lucky to be able to do this for a living’ and I say no, thank you, I’m not lucky. I may be lucky with the result but to go through the horrors of painting pictures is not something I ever look forward to.”

Today I have felt so much of what he has felt. Nothing felt enjoyable today when putting paint to canvas. I worked because I am being paid, and I also worked in the very real and deluded sense I will improve.

The rest of the afternoon my mood spiralled. I needed to try and lift myself out. And while, even though I *do* paint when I feel I can’t…I feel I make beautiful digital art.

Perhaps because it’s editing? It’s remixing. It’s blending. It’s mashing. My ideas blend better. I can “freeform” better. There are many paths I can go…many roads to take. If I stuff up…not a problem! It can go somewhere else very easily.

This picture of Jim Kerr by Janette Beckman is a new favourite. These things become cyclical and (dare I say?) obsessive for several days as the “awe” of the once previous unseen photo wears off. This one is just the newest “obsession” but it’ll mean I’ll play and play with it for days…driving out every bit of creative OOMPH I can get out of it.

With this particular version of it…I started with a holga effect, which brought in colour to the once greyscale image. I added blur effects and other colour layers…and then layered in the “LOVE” border…but I didn’t want it to be a border, but to use it for the wording. Once that was in place, the blue tones and the rest of the wording for Hunter And The Hunted the negative side bordering all took shape.

THIS is the creative part I enjoy…the digital design aspects. The painting can have it’s rewards, yes…but it puts me through hell! The digital designs can do the same, if something is stark in my head and it isn’t coming to fruition as I planned, but it is very rare. For the most part, it is therapy…and I needed it tonight.

Pain and pleasure. Melancholy and joy.

Woe Is Me…

I awoke with a very gammy shoulder today and have been in a lot of pain. Not really been able to move it or do much. Today has been a right-off. A general feeling of “meh”. It has been marked as a “duvet day” – a day for just lulling about, feeling sorry for yourself, staying in your JimJams and doing precisely zero. An afternoon kip is essential during a duvet day. I am about to take mine. But before I go, there has been ONE thing I’ve been able to do today.

A lovely piece of therapy it was too. And I have to say – isn’t he the most beautiful thing you ever did see? Jim Kerr – I adore you! A happy Kerrsday Thursday!