He Never Disappoints! (Show One – Jim Kerr “Alive and Kicking” KX 93.5 Laguna Beach, CA)

Week one of Jim’s new radio show on KX 93.5 Laguna Beach. And the only thing that does disappoint is how quickly an hour moves when listening to him (only with you, life moves so fast – yes indeed!). I think I missed the intro cos by the time I got on, Lay Lady Lay by Dylan was playing. Dylan as an opener for a show was a bit of a given. He seems to be quite the fan.
I wasn’t really making notes while listening so it’ll just be what I remember. 
Early on he played Grace Jones’ Slave To The Rhythm. Anything off the Island Life compilation that came out in…1985…if memory serves me, transports me back to going down to the local library to borrow Island Life on cassette. I LOATHED cassettes but Island Life was one of these rare releases in that the cassette had BONUS tracks…On Your Knees was one of the bonus tracks. I think the other was My Jamaican Guy? I’m not sure now. But I would borrow that cassette SO MUCH! Had it on an almost permanent loan for about 18 months or something. I loved it!
This week’s curveball – Tiny Dancer! Never had Boy pegged as a Selt fan. But, there you go!
He played The Verve’s Love Is Noise and seemed to find it strange that people would Google “what is love?”. But, really…it’s a valid question. And the answer will be different for EVERYONE. How do you even answer it? Would love to know his answer! Won’t dare ask him. Think I’ve probably done my dash trying to strike up conversation with him.
He played a Doors song I was unfamiliar with…Crystal Ship. I thought I was relatively well versed with The Doors, with Steven (my bestie for 25+ years) being a fan and all…but that one escaped me. It was very pretty. Jim Morrison does have an awesome voice.
He played Massive Attack’s Protection. Has ALWAYS been a fave of mine. Gorgeously chilled and beautiful words. He ALWAYS HAS TO PICK A SONG THAT’LL MAKE ME CRY!
Iggy’s The Passenger was played. Can’t beat a bit of Iggy. Lust For Life is such a fab album…aurally and visually. I love that album cover!
He played John Grant’s Marz. Was interesting to hear his take on the song. I totally get what he means too. Cos the words are kinda kitschy. You do wonder if he is having a lend of you, John Grant. But I do feel the song is probably not meant to be taken too satirically. Just my interpretation. There are very obvious parodies later on on Queen Of Denmark. The whole album is awesome. The diversity of it! I told him as much (Jim) and thanked him for giving me the kick up the butt to start listening to John Grant. He really is fab! And John Grant 🙂
Sometimes by James was played. It is a great song. And rightly so he should be jealous of that line, “Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes, I swear I can see your soul.” But it’s not as if you haven’t written some stellar words yourself, sir!
And he finished with XTC’s Making Plans For Nigel. That gave me kinda mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong – I love the song! But…it just reminded me of some recent silly behaviour from me. I was obviously going through a bit of a crisis at that point. I don’t want to elaborate further…but yes. Yes, great song but was making me feel regretful.
And, with that, week one was done and dusted. But the good news is, we have next week! Yes!

UPDATE: Alive and Kicking with Jim Kerr – show one

And, I stand corrected. Lay Lady Lay was the final song played on the show prior to Jim’s. Oops. 


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