Day Two Of “Operation Stay Away”…

And…fuck he’s making it hard! It’s a phenomenal write-up…and the thing I actually love most about him…despite all the silly ogling. I think I am genuinely in love with this man…

Oh, how I want to reply. To say SOMETHING…if nothing more than “Wow!” and “Thank you!” You know…all that thought-provoking stuff that would have him talk to me again…


Full of intelligence, wit, and downright silliness…

Jim Kerr…please stop being intangibly beautiful and breaking my heart!

(For some reason, again…I can’t embed the link to SMO FB properly, so I have screengrabbed the post. But, of course, if you are on Facebook you can read it for yourself…and the amazing replies and interactivity he is now once again having with fans. Feeling free to reply, no doubt, without worrying about some overzealous, lovesick puppy following his every word…)

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