Minds Music Monday – Floating World Duo

Art & Talk has been busy leading up to Easter and gave us TWO gigs from the Floating World Tour of 2002 to enjoy over the weekend period.

One is a 10 track FM Broadcast from Amsterdam. The other, from 10 days later, is a full setlist gig at a winery in California.

I haven’t listened to either of them yet, but will do in the days to come. I’ve had another task at hand, which has had me going over gigs from my favourite period – forever stuck in 1982. Lol

I guess there’s trepidation for me, as I start to hear conflicting things from the fanbase for gigs around this era. Early SM gigs are pretty much universally lauded, as much as they are now (with only a small contingent of sour puss’s brandishing all the same old tired-out drivel “the band ain’t the band any more. They’re like a tribute act these days” ya da fucking ya da), but during this kinda of middling period, they seem a bit more hit and miss. But I won’t know unless I listen to them myself! One man’s meat is another man’s poison…as the saying goes.

Not much new content from the band performed with this tour – we only hear Spaceface from the first gig, and One Step Closer is added for the second. It smacks of not being TOO assured of your new output to only have a couple of newbies in your setlist.

Anyways, enough waffling – get your lugholes round them!

The Ties That Bind…

I love learning new things, making new discoveries, esp. when they happen serendipitously.

The radio was on in the background. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) was playing. I love Roy Orbison and so I was suddenly intrigued by the history of the song. Had he written it? No. A lady named Cindy Walker had. Curious wording for a female songwriter as usually men would write about “babies” in that regard. Usually a female songwriter would be talking about boys or men. “Dream Boy” would be perhaps what I’d have expected from a female songwriter.

Reading up about her on her Wikipedia entry, I saw that a previous song she’d written was performed and released by a performer called Eddy Arnold. The title of it – “Jim, I Wore A Tie Today”.

I am always flummoxed by stuff like that. Those kind of curious coincidences that result from such sudden curiosities.

She had started her songwriting career by having a song she’d penned for Bing Crosby sung by him called Lone Star Trail.

I’ll put the link to her Wikipedia entry HERE so you can read about her. It’s a fascinating story.

I think I may just take a listen to Willie Nelson’s album from 2006 called “You Don’t Know Me: The Songs of Cindy Walker”.

In the meantime…

UPDATE: Going back over things, I just noticed – tomorrow is her birthday. If alive still she’d be turning 102. Even more crazy serendipity.

Jim And Charlie On Jonesy’s Jukebox On 955KLOS


Jonesy always goes off on tangents. “So, Richard Jobson…how’s he doing?” It’s like…”you’re Scottish. He’s Scottish”. Lol

Jim describing Roger Daltry as looking like a “condom full of walnuts” when he walked out on stage. Lol.

I read an interview with Daltry recently…he said he doesn’t even work out! It’s just how his body is! What a sod!





Jim Kerr – Alive And Kicking: KX 93.5 Laguna Beach, CA – Show 5

Only one show left now!!! Waaaaah!! 

I feel like I get to spend an hour just hanging out with him, playing music each week. It’s such an awesome feeling. And I would give ANYTHING for it to be a REAL LIFE experience…but, if it can only just be via radio waves…long may it continue. I love it! And you can hear that he loves doing it. The interaction of a RL experience of it though would be…awesome. I dare say, I would just want to talk over the songs…firing one billion questions at him and talking the leg off an iron chair. Lol.

Anyways…on with his choices this week.

The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows. Jim says after it plays…”The psychedelic Beatles. The Beatles I love the best. Some people say when they got into the psychedelic stuff, they lost the plot. I definitely don’t agree.” Me, neither, sir. Me neither. I love them from go to woah! (Not woe!) All because of David. The best brother a girl could ever have. I’m sure I’d have found them without him, no doubt. But growing up with big brothers with (mostly) fab music taste was great! 🙂

He touched upon an Italian film called Gomorrah. Now made into a TV series. Sounds all very underworld and grimey. I usually like violent stuff…when it’s fictional. I’m too “peace, love and understanding” to deal with ANY level of conflict out in the real world.

Planet Funk – The Switch. Connections. Planet Funk helping to produce the Cry album for Minds. Also, under the guise of Phunk Investigation, helping to produce the Neon Lights album.

Paolo Nutini – Funk My Life Up. Jim compared him to Al Green. Well, any great soul or blues singer. He has the voice of an “old soul”. Like he’s possessed by some 80 year old black man whose just lived through it all. And DANG! is that song sexy! Paolo’s sexy…let’s be honest!

Talking Heads – Take Me To The River. Nice segue, boy! Linking Paolo Nutini to Al Green to then move on to the Talking Heads cover. You’re getting GOOD at this radio DJ stuff! ❤️

My other brother, Quince, was into Talking Heads heavily. I didn’t start to appreciate them until much later and into adulthood. This Must Be The Place is my absolute favourite of theirs.

Bat For Lashes – Laura. Oh, it’s an awesome song. Beautiful. Damn waterworks! The more I hear, the more it just makes me want to cry. The sheer beauty of it. That chourus “Ooh, Laura. You’re more than a superstar.” And the way Natasha sings it…just…heartbreak!

Counting Crows – Mr Jones. Lost me there. Would hear it on the radio back in the day and would tune out. Sorry, sir. Can’t agree on everything. It’s rare we don’t. I mean. The song’s ok. I’m just not taken with it.

Kraftwerk – Computer Love. Electronic music can set off the waterworks too. Never found it cold and unemotional, but the opposite in fact, and highly emotive. Either extremely joyous and happy…or haunting and beautiful, sad, melancholic. But never cold. Never not emotional.

And after I had written that, while listening in, Jim said: “I love listening to that. It’s a pretty lengthy track coming in at around 7 minutes and the last 3 minutes it just seems to go round, hypnotically. And they say Kraftwerk had no soul…you can count me out on that one!” Well, ditto to that one, boy! We are back in sync.

Average White Band – Atlantic Avenue. Certainly has a groove! Wow. Really don’t know enough about AWB. But NO WAY did I think that sound would come out of Dundee! Sorry Dundee.

Everything But The Girl – Missing. Jim is speaking the endless praises of Tracey Thorn at the moment, and rightly so! It was a version of the song I wasn’t as familiar with. It was number one in Oz for weeks and weeks! And deservedly so. I know it drove some nuts, the number of weeks it stayed at the top of the chart, but never me. Never got bored of it. How can you?

JJ Cale – After Midnight. I am far more familiar with someone elses version of this, but whose, I couldn’t tell you! It’s not Eric Clapton’s, that I know. The only JJ Cale song I knew prior to this was Cocaine…and yes…Neil Young’s opinion on his guitar playing shines through on that. Oh, lordy!

Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream. Jim likes a good falsetto. And rates his own well?! Bold statement, sir! Lol. Can you even get there now? Without the aid of a vice? Sorry. I’m being cheeky! Well, of course, my favourite of yours is those “singing memories” lines in Wonderful In Young Life :,(

As I was double checking the title of the Empire Of The Sun track on Spotify…this happened…

Ah, Spotify…you know me SO WELL! 😉

Sparks – This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us. Wish I’d seen FFS last year, FFS! And, well, continuing the falsetto theme, Russell Mael has probably one of the best there is! Of course, only recently did I read an article and interview with Jim (back in the day) in which his singing voice was being compared to Russell Mael’s. Say what???! Lol. That still makes me giggle.

See you next week for the final one :-(((((

UPDATE: We were informed by Sir last week that there would be a short sabbatical in broadcast…so show 6 won’t be on until June 11th.

In the meantime, show 5 is now finally available via podcast to listen to. Click the link below…


Jim Kerr – Alive And Kicking: KX 93.5 Laguna Beach, CA – Show 4

Jim’s choices this week:

I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Marvin Gaye : Just a classic! Not much else to be said, really.

Take Me I’m Yours – Squeeze : Bloody love this song, and man alive I WISH! Dreams ARE made of this! Damn right! And…like the Minds, Squeeze really are a band I want to devote more time to listening to!

Unknown Caller – U2 : Couldn’t believe I actually recognised it…I tried with NLOTH but…they just lost me with that album. It does have some good tracks…but I dunno. Jim was right with his words about The Edge…and that intro is beautiful. Forgot how lovely it was. Unknown Caller actually was one of the songs from NLOTH I liked.

Duel – Propaganda : linkage! Linkage…Brian and Derek playing with them, of course. The OH is a BIG ZTT follower. Loves most acts that were on the label, Art Of Noise in particular.

Personal Jesus – Johnny Cash. Billy Preston on piano there. Found it in seconds! (All will be obvious when you listen to the podcast – if you weren’t listening in “live”) Sorry, sir :-)) But, yes, those later covers that Johnny Cash did…wow, he gives them SUCH emotion.

Mountains – Prince: Ouch…Prince! Jim’s words about seeing him live. 50/50 hit rate for him. Well, it isn’t the best, is it? But these things are always down to personal taste. Maybe Sir is being a little harsh? Who knows? I never saw Prince live.

Let’s Work Together – Canned Heat : How did Bryan Ferry not get dragged through the courts for Let’s Stick Together? Or did he? I have no idea…

This Is The Day – The The : I thought my life was falling into place…and then…well…we’re not meant to have regrets, are we? Pfft. Matt Johnson recording – he hopes! I’m sure many do. Another song that Jim finds happy and I find kind of melancholic. But, when you’ve had a blessed life, I’m sure it’s easy to hear it as joyous. Maybe one day it will be for me too?

Because The Night – Patti Smith : The first time I ever heard this was about 1984. Bono was on the radio in Sydney and he was choosing tracks to play while being interviewed. I was SSOO in love with him at the time. Think it made me cry at the time this song. Fast forward 31 years, not much has changed…just the man who has my affections andthat I’m 45 and not 14 (though I still can feel like one!) 🙁 I didn’t cry this time though. I’m a big girl now :,(

At Last I Am Free – Robert Wyatt : Beautiful voice…just makes me want to weep. I love his album Cuckooland. Haven’t listened to it for such a long time. I must do now. And much more. including the album this song is off.

(Let The) Good Times Roll – The Cars : Rick’s voice is great…but I LOOOOOVE Benjamin Orr’s voice. Let’s Go is my fave song of theirs. So sexy! “She’s got wonderful eyes and a risky mouth” – love that line! And of course the line before the chorus “I don’t want to hold her down, don’t want her break her crown when she says ‘let’s go'”.

Pink Houses – John Mellencamp : A song that sounds like a celebration but, it has a satirical tone…well, it does to me. Maybe I’m a cynic?

There was a copy of American Fool at mum’s. Not sure who owned it, whether it was Quince’s (my brother), or a “loan” from one of his friends, but I would play Jack And Diane to death!! The drumming on that song is AWESOME. I would play Hurts So Good as well. Small Town is probably my fave song of his. Love Cherry Bomb as well. Oh, Paper In Fire as well…yep, can’t beat a bit of Mellencamp!

I’ve created a Spotify playlist of this week’s show…just so you can at least listen to the tracks until the podcast is available, if you so wish. All but the Prince song are present. Just click the link below…

Jim Kerr’s KX 93.5 Show 4

LINK TO PODCAST – just click

What’s The Hold Up?

KX 93.5 are being very slow with their release of the podcast of show number three of Jim’s radio show. I actually don’t get why there is such a delay. It’s a pre-record anyway. Jim recorded these shows several weeks back…so why does the podcast take so damn long to be put up on the page?

Luckily this week I recorded it as a back up, so if KX 93.5 don’t pull their finger out soon, we’ll have it here to listen to.

UPDATE: HERE AT LAST! Alive And Kicking with Jim Kerr: Show 3 Podcast

Jim Kerr – Alive And Kicking: KX 93.5 Laguna Beach, CA – Show 3

Well, this week he started with Japan – The Quiet Life. Man, he loves that song! And rightly so! It’s very lush and synth rich. I get it.

Then, The Call – Let The Day Begin : It kind of felt like listening to a Minds song…someone COVERING a Minds song, not the other way round!

Focus – Sylvia : Now that’s the kind of prog rock I can appreciate! Some I find a little hard to take…Jethro Tull et al…but Focus are just OUT THERE! Really, the curveball of the week, that one. Loved it!

Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi : What’s not to like? Political, of course, but with a sense of humour. Cracking tune.

The Box Tops – The Letter : I was more familiar with the Joe Cocker version, I have to say. But wow! The singer, Alex Chilton, only being 16?! Knockout!

Dido – White Flag : Aaawww! The reason behind his choice! That was quite personal. Made me want to hug him! (Like he’d let me! But I wish!)

Never been the biggest Dido fan myself. The OH can’t stand her. I’m just kind of indifferent. One time back out in Oz, I think it was in 2003 or 2005…I hung out with my eldest brother, Roy, at his place for the weekend. We smoked some weed (it had been a few years for me! I got as stoned as!!) and he was playing music. We, of course, listened to some Bowie (Roy is the reason for my uber Bowie fandom!) and he reiterated his love for Station To Station (Roy’s favourite Bowie album), playing it then. He then put on a Dido album…No Angel, Life For Rent?? Dunno which one, I was too out of it! He was singing her praises and I was thinking “I’m not meant to like Dido”. It was ok – obvious mood music considering the state I was in…but frankly, I wanted more Bowie. That would DEFINITELY be my motto in life “more Bowie, less Dido”. Lol

Ian Brown – Stellify : Not heard this before – always loved F.E.A.R. What a song! That was my pick of the songs he played this week. Something I’d not heard that made me sit up and take notice. A good old aural smack round the chops! Thank you, sir! (God, I love you!)

Guns ‘N Roses – Paradise City : Who knew? Not me! Although him saying it could do with being 3 minutes shorter and Axl Rose could “pack it in” with the singing after a while made me giggle. I detect a love/hate vibe there.

Joe Cocker – Ruby Lee : That was like Joe Cocker does reggae, almost. He’s just a fab singer though. Always popular in Oz. And…well, I was thinking of him already cos of Boy playing The Letter.

The Pretenders – Thin Line Between Love And Hate : Originally by The Persuaders, he told us. Then relayed the story of Chrissie’s encyclopaedic music knowledge. Don’t give me any more reasons to be jealous of her, Jim! The biggest being that she has your eternal love. I would kill (NOT LITERALLY!) to be that lucky 🙁

World Shut Your Mouth – Julian Cope : nothing much I can say about Cope.

Then, finally, he played Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones : People always seem to think you are either a Stones fan, or a Beatles fan. There’s some unwritten law that you can’t be both. Well, fuck that shit! I’m both. My brothers Quince (real name Gary – NO ONE calls him Gary anymore. I still did until I started working at the same place as him. Everyone called him Quince. He REALLY didn’t want me calling him Gary in the workplace, so I reluctantly conformed…now it IS weird to call him Gary) and David were one each. Quince on the side of the Stones, David on the side of The Beatles. I naturally adopted both.

It’s the same with Simple Minds and U2. I’ve been a fan of both of them in varying degrees since the early 1980s. U2 had me first…then I dipped into the Minds…but they were always just on the periphery. But in recent years the polar opposite is true.

It was a fab week this week. In particular, thank you for the Ian Brown track, Jim. It was fab!

After Jim’s show ended the station played Life In A Day. Bet THAT would have been a curveball for non-Minds fans (what silly people are those????!) listening in!

Podcast link: Alive And Kicking with Jim Kerr: Show 3

He Never Disappoints! (Show One – Jim Kerr “Alive and Kicking” KX 93.5 Laguna Beach, CA)

Week one of Jim’s new radio show on KX 93.5 Laguna Beach. And the only thing that does disappoint is how quickly an hour moves when listening to him (only with you, life moves so fast – yes indeed!). I think I missed the intro cos by the time I got on, Lay Lady Lay by Dylan was playing. Dylan as an opener for a show was a bit of a given. He seems to be quite the fan.
I wasn’t really making notes while listening so it’ll just be what I remember. 
Early on he played Grace Jones’ Slave To The Rhythm. Anything off the Island Life compilation that came out in…1985…if memory serves me, transports me back to going down to the local library to borrow Island Life on cassette. I LOATHED cassettes but Island Life was one of these rare releases in that the cassette had BONUS tracks…On Your Knees was one of the bonus tracks. I think the other was My Jamaican Guy? I’m not sure now. But I would borrow that cassette SO MUCH! Had it on an almost permanent loan for about 18 months or something. I loved it!
This week’s curveball – Tiny Dancer! Never had Boy pegged as a Selt fan. But, there you go!
He played The Verve’s Love Is Noise and seemed to find it strange that people would Google “what is love?”. But, really…it’s a valid question. And the answer will be different for EVERYONE. How do you even answer it? Would love to know his answer! Won’t dare ask him. Think I’ve probably done my dash trying to strike up conversation with him.
He played a Doors song I was unfamiliar with…Crystal Ship. I thought I was relatively well versed with The Doors, with Steven (my bestie for 25+ years) being a fan and all…but that one escaped me. It was very pretty. Jim Morrison does have an awesome voice.
He played Massive Attack’s Protection. Has ALWAYS been a fave of mine. Gorgeously chilled and beautiful words. He ALWAYS HAS TO PICK A SONG THAT’LL MAKE ME CRY!
Iggy’s The Passenger was played. Can’t beat a bit of Iggy. Lust For Life is such a fab album…aurally and visually. I love that album cover!
He played John Grant’s Marz. Was interesting to hear his take on the song. I totally get what he means too. Cos the words are kinda kitschy. You do wonder if he is having a lend of you, John Grant. But I do feel the song is probably not meant to be taken too satirically. Just my interpretation. There are very obvious parodies later on on Queen Of Denmark. The whole album is awesome. The diversity of it! I told him as much (Jim) and thanked him for giving me the kick up the butt to start listening to John Grant. He really is fab! And John Grant 🙂
Sometimes by James was played. It is a great song. And rightly so he should be jealous of that line, “Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes, I swear I can see your soul.” But it’s not as if you haven’t written some stellar words yourself, sir!
And he finished with XTC’s Making Plans For Nigel. That gave me kinda mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong – I love the song! But…it just reminded me of some recent silly behaviour from me. I was obviously going through a bit of a crisis at that point. I don’t want to elaborate further…but yes. Yes, great song but was making me feel regretful.
And, with that, week one was done and dusted. But the good news is, we have next week! Yes!

UPDATE: Alive and Kicking with Jim Kerr – show one

And, I stand corrected. Lay Lady Lay was the final song played on the show prior to Jim’s. Oops.