Jim Kerr – Alive And Kicking: KX 93.5 Laguna Beach, CA – Show 4

Jim’s choices this week:

I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Marvin Gaye : Just a classic! Not much else to be said, really.

Take Me I’m Yours – Squeeze : Bloody love this song, and man alive I WISH! Dreams ARE made of this! Damn right! And…like the Minds, Squeeze really are a band I want to devote more time to listening to!

Unknown Caller – U2 : Couldn’t believe I actually recognised it…I tried with NLOTH but…they just lost me with that album. It does have some good tracks…but I dunno. Jim was right with his words about The Edge…and that intro is beautiful. Forgot how lovely it was. Unknown Caller actually was one of the songs from NLOTH I liked.

Duel – Propaganda : linkage! Linkage…Brian and Derek playing with them, of course. The OH is a BIG ZTT follower. Loves most acts that were on the label, Art Of Noise in particular.

Personal Jesus – Johnny Cash. Billy Preston on piano there. Found it in seconds! (All will be obvious when you listen to the podcast – if you weren’t listening in “live”) Sorry, sir :-)) But, yes, those later covers that Johnny Cash did…wow, he gives them SUCH emotion.

Mountains – Prince: Ouch…Prince! Jim’s words about seeing him live. 50/50 hit rate for him. Well, it isn’t the best, is it? But these things are always down to personal taste. Maybe Sir is being a little harsh? Who knows? I never saw Prince live.

Let’s Work Together – Canned Heat : How did Bryan Ferry not get dragged through the courts for Let’s Stick Together? Or did he? I have no idea…

This Is The Day – The The : I thought my life was falling into place…and then…well…we’re not meant to have regrets, are we? Pfft. Matt Johnson recording – he hopes! I’m sure many do. Another song that Jim finds happy and I find kind of melancholic. But, when you’ve had a blessed life, I’m sure it’s easy to hear it as joyous. Maybe one day it will be for me too?

Because The Night – Patti Smith : The first time I ever heard this was about 1984. Bono was on the radio in Sydney and he was choosing tracks to play while being interviewed. I was SSOO in love with him at the time. Think it made me cry at the time this song. Fast forward 31 years, not much has changed…just the man who has my affections andthat I’m 45 and not 14 (though I still can feel like one!) 🙁 I didn’t cry this time though. I’m a big girl now :,(

At Last I Am Free – Robert Wyatt : Beautiful voice…just makes me want to weep. I love his album Cuckooland. Haven’t listened to it for such a long time. I must do now. And much more. including the album this song is off.

(Let The) Good Times Roll – The Cars : Rick’s voice is great…but I LOOOOOVE Benjamin Orr’s voice. Let’s Go is my fave song of theirs. So sexy! “She’s got wonderful eyes and a risky mouth” – love that line! And of course the line before the chorus “I don’t want to hold her down, don’t want her break her crown when she says ‘let’s go'”.

Pink Houses – John Mellencamp : A song that sounds like a celebration but, it has a satirical tone…well, it does to me. Maybe I’m a cynic?

There was a copy of American Fool at mum’s. Not sure who owned it, whether it was Quince’s (my brother), or a “loan” from one of his friends, but I would play Jack And Diane to death!! The drumming on that song is AWESOME. I would play Hurts So Good as well. Small Town is probably my fave song of his. Love Cherry Bomb as well. Oh, Paper In Fire as well…yep, can’t beat a bit of Mellencamp!

I’ve created a Spotify playlist of this week’s show…just so you can at least listen to the tracks until the podcast is available, if you so wish. All but the Prince song are present. Just click the link below…

Jim Kerr’s KX 93.5 Show 4

LINK TO PODCAST – just click

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