Remix My (Simple) Mind(s)!

Well, today SMO shared a playlist of what they at HQ consider to be the best remixes. (I do wish when they did these playlists, they would generate a new one, instrad of overriding the existing one. That’s really odd. You can have more than one playlist SM HQ! Lol) Anyway, some I agreed with, certainly…and I do love a good remix as you lot know. So here is the most definitive of Spotify playlists of the best Simple Minds mixes (and special editions), as far as I am concerned.

A new one to me is the Trixton Hotel mix of Home. The first time I heard it tonight. Loving that. 

There are a couple I would have loved to have added, but they are not on Spotify. Hopefully I can YouTube them. 

These two had to get an inclusion, albeit via YouTube clips. I would have added them if they had been on Spotify.

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