On A Lighter Note – The PM’s “Un-Australian”

Give me strength! Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has got it in the neck because his “Eighties Plus” Spotify playlist has only one Aussie song in it! Lol (They better not look at MY playlist then! Though, to be fair, I have plenty of other playlists that are Oz themed, with quite a number of antipodean acts. In amongst my 27 different Simple Minds playlists, and the several other Bowie ones.)

Bones of contention for artists deemed to be Australian rest on AC/DC (the Young brothers hailed from Scotland, as did Bon Scott – and Brian Johnson is a Geordie!), Jimmy Barnes (hello, Scotland, again), and John Farnham (actually English by birth).

You could almost say there is a second song in his 80s playlist that COULD be deemed Australian – Grace Jones’s Walking In The Rain was penned by Vanda and Young – and originally recorded under the name Flash And The Pan – Harry Vanda is actually Dutch…and, yes, you guessed it, George Young (AC/DC’s Malcolm and Angus’s older brother) is actually Scottish…so no luck trying to give Scotty a second song on his playlist there!

The PM has, however, gone for undoubtedly, identifiably Scottish by having Simple Minds on the playlist. Several times, in fact!

So…why some deem his 80s playlist “un-Australian”, I think Scotty, dear boy, has IMPECCABLE taste!

You can read the article about his playlist choices and the backlash on news.com.au by CLICKING HERE

And you can see the Spotify playlist in question below…

Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – Werchter, June 30th, 2012


A Saturday outdoor festival gig. Werchter was one of the first festivals SM played, back in the day, and the band and crowd took eachother to their hearts.

What follows is a playlist of video clips created by the SM Official YouTube account showcasing the performance in 2012 – the festival’s “5×5 plus” setlist.

I love this footage. And I will forever say it…not getting into them just a LITTLE BIT earlier to experience these 2012 gigs will be my ETERNAL regret.

I can’t regret not seeing them in 1981 or ‘82 … I was too young, etc, etc. But for 2012 I can always regret simply because I had tried to “get into them” in 2006 and…it just didn’t gel…for some reason.

But hey, thank fuck I tried again in 2014 and it did!

Enjoy the visual set!

My 2017 On Spotify


There surely must be some kind of data anomaly because I really would have expected to see Wonderful In Young Life and This Earth That You Walk Upon in the top tracks…as well as Spirited Away being in the Top 100 playlist…but, hey, there you go.


Remix My (Simple) Mind(s)!

Well, today SMO shared a playlist of what they at HQ consider to be the best remixes. (I do wish when they did these playlists, they would generate a new one, instrad of overriding the existing one. That’s really odd. You can have more than one playlist SM HQ! Lol) Anyway, some I agreed with, certainly…and I do love a good remix as you lot know. So here is the most definitive of Spotify playlists of the best Simple Minds mixes (and special editions), as far as I am concerned.

A new one to me is the Trixton Hotel mix of Home. The first time I heard it tonight. Loving that. 

There are a couple I would have loved to have added, but they are not on Spotify. Hopefully I can YouTube them. 

These two had to get an inclusion, albeit via YouTube clips. I would have added them if they had been on Spotify.

Chuck’s Super September – Charlie Burchill Playlist

I have been meaning to do this for some time, and now seemed the most appropriate time to do it, seeing as this month is a celebration of all things Burchill. They started out in chronological order but not the strictest order, and of course my order of songs varies from the chronology. It also differs from my Simple Minds Top 50 songs…thus showing there is, of course, more than just 50 SM songs that I love. Let me know what you think, and/or how your list would differ from mine.

Here’s to Charlie!