The Kerrsed – August Playlist

For want of a better title – I went with this. It seemed most appropriate.

Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush

Teen years. I bought it as a single. I think it just made me wish for different things. For me, it has always been a downbeat song. Melancholic. Something sounds regretful about it. And it sounded like the desire for escape – “If I only could, I’d make a deal with God and I’d get him to swap our places. I’d be running up that road, I’d be running up that hill, I’d be running up that building.” And always something yearning and longing in it. I feel like I’ve gone a lifetime of just wishing, hoping and praying for things. For things to change. To experience relationships. Etc, etc. “If I only could.”

Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses – U2

That distorted guitar riff with (on the right version of the song, with the correct sound system, volume, etc) that soft strings under and some tambourine is just somehow powerful, yet delicate. And those opening lines… “You’re dangerous, ‘cause you’re honest. You’re dangerous, you don’t know what you want.” Bono’s pretty good at selling a song right from the opening line. The mid song breakdown… “aaaah, the deeper I swim. Aaaah, the hunter will sin for your ivory skin. Took a drive in the dirty rain. To a place where the wind calls your name. Under the tree the river laughing at you and me.” Just…beautiful…

So Cruel – U2

As the previous song is ending “who’s gonna taste your salt water kisses? Who’s gonna take the place of me?” …. we come into soft piano followed by soft drums and “We crossed the line. Who pushed who over? It doesn’t matter to you. It matters to me.” So many words in this song just….yeah. I think it is one Bono’s stronger vocal performances too.

Ultra Violet (Light My Way) – U2

When the other two have melancholia and are about relationship failures and break-ups, there is something I find SSSOOOO uplifting about Ultra Violet. And I really love The Edge BVs on this. Again – Bono sells it with opening lines “Sometimes I feel like I don’t know” – very Velvet’s ‘Heroin’ (And I feel like I just don’t know.), “sometimes I feel like checking out. I want to get it wrong, can’t always be strong. And love it won’t be long.”
It has a great rhythm and Adam does some really fine bass work on this track. And then before it gets to this crescendo of this uplifting chant of the chorus, Bono delivers some of my favourite lines of any U2 song “I remember when we could sleep on stones, now we lie together in whispers and moans. When I was all messed up and I had opera in my head, your love was a lightbulb hanging over my bed.”

At this point I am thinking – “Fuck it. Lol. Just play ALL of Achtung Baby.” The album is class. And my favourite U2 album. It is always the one I return to, again and again.

Love Like Blood – Killing Joke

I think I am just crazing really fab basslines and catchy guitar riffs right now. This one played while I was listening to Spotify late one night. I have Spotify set for continuous playback, so if I start a specific album or playlist and it ends, then Spotify just continues to play a mixed selection of music in keeping with the genre just played. It went on into a continuous mode one night recently and it played Love Like Blood. I was roused from the slumber I had fallen into and I was enjoying it in my dwam state and then…it just got stuck there! It was an earworm for probably a week. Especially the chorus “Til the feelings come and the act is done. A love like blood, a love like blood.” Well…I thought he was saying “feelings” but he actually says “fearless”. Justified misheard lyrics there, I think. Still a great song. It has a great atmosphere.

Games Without Frontiers – Peter Gabriel

Last month, Uncut Magazine had Peter Gabriel on their cover. He was heavily featured within its pages. He had an interview with them as well as them doing a feature on the 40 anniversary of the release of ‘Melt’. All of his solo albums were eponymous but to distinguish which album was being discussed amongst fans, there were usually alternatives given. This release due to the appearance of Gabriel on the cover has for many a time been otherwise known as ‘Melt’. Like with other bands and artists, I wouldn’t describe myself as a “fan”, but I have always liked the things I have heard. Again, never felt much of a desire to really explore the Gabriel back catalogue, but I have had a few favourite songs from him over the years. games Without Frontiers being one. I bloody loved watching It’s A Knockout as a kid. Lol. I REALLY hope there is a deeper thought and undercurrent to the song than it just being about the bloody game show! If not, then it really does put it on a par with Thotch’s “Succulent Chinese Meal”.

O Superman – Laurie Anderson

That minimalist, repetitive pulse to it. The mesmerising video. I think it took me during the Rage years (weekends in the late 1980s and early 1990s in which I would sit up all night watching all the video clips on ABC music video programme, Rage – with a remix of the extended Speed Your Love To Me as part of its closing credits) – seeing the video a few times to really…get it and be taken in by it.
And it has just…been in my head lately because it was (what would have been) my mum’s 82nd birthday on August 12th.

It’s the words….

“‘Cause when love is gone, there’s always justice.
And when justice is gone, there’s always force.
And when force is gone, there’s always Mom. Hi, Mom!

So hold me, Mom, in your long arms.
So hold me, Mom, in your long arms.
In your automatic arms. Your electronic arms. In your arms.

And with that pendulum swaying hand on the arm…backwards and forwards. I dunno. I have always found it super, super (excuse the pun!) emotional. I miss her. It had been a long time since she held me in her (long) arms. The last time…April 21st, 2016.

Es – Hideyuki Hashimoto

As mentioned in a previous post about it, it was due to a Spotify music genre playback shuffle that ai got exposed to this track. It’s just a really beautiful melody. And it’s short and succinct. Just a soft, mellow little gem.

I Love You You Big Dummy – Magazine

Deemed a cover of a Captain Beefheart song – but Howard Devoto adds so much more to it. Well, the whole band does, but Devoto does lyrically and with delivery. If the playlist is played in order, we go from something melodic and delicate…perhaps slightly melancholic and sweet to…well…something brash and raucous and celebratory and fucking awesome. Geez I fell in love the Magazine when I got into them a while back. Sometimes the comparisons to Simple Minds still perplex me but in other ways it’s very overt and obvious. I would love to go back in time and see both bands live, at the time Magazine were touring promoting Second Hand Daylight – which I do favour above Real Life and The Correct Use Of Soap (as much as I love them too).

Those opening lines: “You think I’m a lame duck” – yes, Jim. I know you do. I don’t blame you. “I don’t give a blue fuck” – I wish that was true! Lol. I’m trying to make it be.

But…I do “love you, you dummy!” Lol. I guess I always will now.

P.S. Barry Adamson’s bass work ROCKS!

Link to Spotify playlist:

Jim’s August Spotify Playlist

I haven’t listened to it myself, yet. That will wait until later tonight as I settle to bed (it is usually when I do my listening to music. Haven’t been listening to much lately, in all honesty. I may just play one or two songs in a whole day). Some songs are unfamiliar to me and will be debut hearings for me personally. It’s great when someone can expose you to something entirely new to you. My friend, Michelle, has done that with a couple of songs of late. And great songs they have been too! I’m sure Jim’s will be great as well. It is rare for me not to like something he likes and recommends.

So, tonight I will listen and perhaps tomorrow I will share my responses. Adios.

(Jim’s reasons for his choices can be viewed via the various Simple Minds social media. Facebook is the best place to view it.)

Jim’s July Playlist – The Reaction

“The dogs are impatient for attention….” he opened with. Pretty obvious metaphor there. It wasn’t lost on me, I just tried to brush it aside yesterday.

Anyway, I thought with the whole deluded continuation of “discs and doughnuts”, I’d post my reactions to Jim’s choices this month.

Will O The Wisp

I must confess that I really was unfamiliar with the folklore tale behind it. I knew it was a term but really didn’t know anything about it and felt compelled to look it up. It didn’t escape my attention that a variation on the character is known as “the Spunkie” in the Scottish Highlands. Maybe that is where the alternative term for “having spunk” – ie: to be gallus and have attitude and bolshiness – comes from?
Anyway, on to the song itself. After one listen…I’m not sure. Very few songs capture me after a solitary listen, it has to be said. Those that do are pretty damn special. The only judgment I can pass for now is that I probably prefer other Pet Shop Boys songs to this. But I will give it a few more listens…it may lure me in…


To be honest, all I could think of initially is this!

But in all seriousness, it’s a great reggae/soul/gospel fusion. Obviously political too – well, to my ears it has a political slant.

She Sells Sanctuary

I have to admit as much I have enjoyed hearing the song over the years, it was a rare one that escaped my knowledge lyrically. Most songs if they grab my attention I’ll educate myself on lyrically. I guess for this I just liked the tune and was happy for Astbury’s lyrics to be just gobbledegook to my ears.

She’s A Mystery To Me

What is NOT to love about the Big O? Geez, the man could sing the phonebook and have you crying tears. An immaculate falsetto too – used to perfection to end the song. My mum bought a copy of Mystery Girl for herself. I had bought a copy of You Got It as a single and she had to trump me. Lol. She loved him. I think she may have even seen him perform live but I am not so sure now – and I can’t really ask her. We were both so saddened by his passing. A great loss at still a relative young age.

When Jim mentioned that semi-conscious half sleep, half wake state, I had to comment about Alasdair Gray, Lanark, and my discovery of the word “dwam”. Reading Lanark, I have been made aware of so many words I had never heard before and “dwam” was just one of them. And because I had never seen/heard it before I had to look up its meaning and I instantly fell in love with it.


Let The Good Times Roll

The Cars are one of those bands that I dabble into now and again and enjoy listening to a “best of” and then they languish again. Much like how it was for Simple Minds for the longest time. I am only familiar with “the hits” and the use of Drive showing the footage of the Ethiopian famine at Live Aid – forever synonymous with those images. Ingrained on the conscious. As much as Ric Ocasek is seen as the main head of the group, it was the songs with Benjamin Orr on vocals that are my faves – Let’s Go and Just What I Needed, as well as Drive, of course – but all the songwriting is Ric’s. Favourite line is from Let’s Go “she’s got wonderful eyes and a risqué mouth” – combined with Orr’s delivery of it – I just find it damn sexy.

Hey, but it’s Let The Good Times Roll that we’re on about here. I’m surprised Jim didn’t relay the story of the signing to Zoom/Arista as part of it because he had mentioned in the past that as part of the celebration of Simple Minds signing the Arista deal, they went to a Cars gig and it was another reason why the song has resonance with him – as for Simple Minds the “good times” were indeed about to roll.


It’s such a fab song. And what a gift David gave to Duncan writing this for him. He and David had such a wonderful relationship. It was heartbreaking seeing Duncan on Twitter announce his imminent fatherhood and the sadness he felt that David wouldn’t get to experience being a grandfather. 🙁

The song is just a lovely “you and me against the world, kid!” anthem. Both kitschy and beautiful.

What Jim said of Bowie’s Glastonbury performance I agree with. It actually seemed quite lacklustre and David himself just didn’t seem in the right place for it. His music of the period fell a bit flat for me. He had released album ‘Hours…’ several months prior and I wasn’t keen on it, to be honest. Move ahead three years and Heathen could not have been any different! To me, Heathen is on a par with Low as my all-time favourite Bowie album.

Back to Glasto…I’m not sure what it was beyond the music. His voice seemed weak to me. He had given up smoking. Iman was pregnant with Lexie and so he was trying to stay away from the “cancer sticks” – sadly it seemed to be somewhat to the detriment of his voice at the time. I’ve not watched the performance since the time. I never wanted to go back to it. I was seeing the hype over social media last weekend and I wasn’t particularly fussed. And I certainly didn’t want to put my head above the parapet and express my disappointment with the set back then. Perhaps I should watch it on iPlayer to see if my opinion and feeling has changed?

Almost exactly 12 months later I got to see him live for the one and only time – seeing him at a day long festival at Old Trafford cricket ground called Move. He was top of the bill. Suede were on before him. There were several other acts on the bill – the other highlight being The Divine Comedy (another man who could sing the phonebook and make me swoon – Neil Hannon). The weather was dodgy during the day and when Suede arrived on stage the heavens opened. Brett Anderson did his best to distract us in the crowd from the downpour but we all looked like drowned rats by the time David appeared. When he did appear, the gloaming sunlight returned – as if we had been joined by God himself. I was soaked to the bone and freezing cold, but I didn’t care. He was wonderful.


Oh, I have an aversion to Brian Johnson fronted AC/DC, I really do. I can tolerate Back In Black, but after that, I just find them a parody of themselves. To me, Johnson is a mimic of Bon Scott – and not a good one. “Cartoon rock” is a summation I’d agree with. Not when Bon was around though! Not on your nelly.

So, along with the glockenspiel and triangle, we can add “air-drums” to Jim’s calibre of “instruments” he can play? Lol

Thank god I got me a real kit last week! Jim can probably play his air-drums better than I can play my real ones right now though!


The Joke

And so we go from the ridiculous to the sublime. Oh, you are too right, Mr Kerr on this one. The emotion in that lady’s voice?! Wow. Nothing else to add.

You can listen to Jim’s playlist here…
(Check Simple Minds FB for his explanation of the choices.)


The Anglophile – A ‘Discs And Doughnuts’ Playlist

This one started germinating from the idea of two things – the response to the “Antipodean Greats” playlist and that love of music from the UK that I always had too. “The Mother Country”, old “Blighty”. As the Australian nation post WWII looked to align itself firstly with America and then in more recent years as part of southeast Asia, my personal allegiance was still with the UK – particularly musically and culturally.

The other was Jim’s choice of Life In A Northern Town for his June playlist. As much of an affiliation I had for the UK musically and culturally, it wasn’t necessarily somewhere I desired to live when I was growing up. It always looked so bleak and dreary. Despite the bleak appearance though, it still managed to appeal. “Life In A Northern Town” may not have seemed very aesthetically appealing, but in other ways there was a draw.

Cars – Gary Numan

It’s synch pop bliss. And I was always conscious of it coming out of the UK. The synth based New Wave sound was very obviously very UK centric to me. Cars is probably the epitome of that sound for me. That final minute is just heaven. It gives me goosebumps every time. Always just does something to the senses. Never fails.

Dreadlock Holiday – 10CC

Brits abroad. That’s Dreadlock Holiday. It always used to be on the radio this one. Feels kind of odd to go for this track but it just came to me as I was thinking about what songs seemed typically “Brit” to me. I was so very tempted to add Godley and Creme’s An Englishman In New York as well – if for nothing else than the splendiferous video that accompanies it.

Ghost Town – The Specials

Seemed to sum up how Britain looked from the outer. Bleak, drab, rundown…deserted. Not exactly a song that English Tourism would be clamouring to use for an advertising campaign. Lol. And now the song has resonance again in a whole new light. Life is constantly cyclical. Only certain aspects change.

Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood

1984 Probably the height of my love for 80s music and the vast majority of it is coming from the UK. I guess there are some exceptions. Australia was a real melting pot of influences – taking in music equally from the USA and Britain. The preference for me was always the British stuff. FGTH was HUUUUUUGE in 1984 and into ‘85. And the first thing that made its way to us was Relax. It took quite a number of years before I saw the “other” video (the one I chose here – seems rather sedate now). The one I remember when first recalling hearing the song is the one done with the laser lights. I loved Frankie and Holly’s voice just absolutely knocked me for six.

I could have chosen Ferry Cross The Mersey but…nah.

Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again

Rain. It always seemed to be raining in the UK. If it wasn’t raining, then it had just rained or was about to. The skies seemed permanently grey in any footage I ever saw coming out of the UK. Very rarely did it ever look sunny.

God, how I wanted to be Annie Lennox as a 13 year old! She was tall, androgynous, and she looked beautiful. Nothing I was ever going to be. The one thing I always wanted to change about myself (apart from weight – but that I could alter and do something about) was my height – or lack thereof. I ALWAYS wanted to be tall. If I had been at least 5’8” tall, I’d have been happy. Wasn’t to be…

Big Country – In A Big Country/Wonderland

I couldn’t decide which Big Country track I wanted. I love In A Big Country. As opposed to England and its urban drab dreariness – Scotland seemed beautiful and mystical. You don’t really get sold Glasgow. Alasdair Gray was spot on in Lanark. No one ever “sold” Glasgow to you. They sold the Highlands, the munros, the heather, the kilts, the lochs – Brigadoon. Big Country were rock music Brigadoon. They fed you it, still. Stuart Adamson with guitar effects like bagpipes. So…I think I was initially sold it with Wonderland. I bought it as a 12” single and then bought The Crossing after that. So, I’m not purely an “Anglophile”. But…try and find an equivalent phrase for Scotland and you see how Anglo-centric the UK is! Scotophile? Hiberophile? Caledonophile? Albaphile? Which would you choose? Answers on a postcard.

The Clash – London Calling

Political punk that always rang a chime with me.I can’t say I am the BIGGEST Clash fan. Never sought out their music too much. Had a 12” copy of Should I Stay Or Should I Go back in the day. Always loved Rock The Casbah too. They just had that very London centric kind of sound – even though there are ska, reggae and rockabilly leanings in the fusion of musical genres.

Adam And the Ants – Stand And Deliver

Although Adam had that kind of meld of the Native American meets pirate look thing going on – it was so very obvious he was from London and so Stand And Deliver plays up to that kind of thing. “The dandy highwayman” – Dick Turpin et al. Prince Charming played up to it to a degree also. It just has that skewed “cheeky chappy” Londoner thing about it. Playing up to aged stereotypes.

Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK

Well if you properly research your music history, then you know that punk – purely as a musical genre – started out in America. But punk as a concept, as an ethos, as a culture as a way of life DEFINITELY took hold in Britain. And the one band most lauded as taking the ethos and running with it are The Sex Pistols. I guess you could choose anything from Never Mind The Bollocks – but the obvious choice due to the playlist subject is Anarchy In The UK.

Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy

The first thing that knocked me for six was the sound of Jimmy Somerville’s voice. And then it was the video. As a 14 year old girl who probably wasn’t even aware if she knew any gay boys at the time or not, I was just floored by that video. I mean, even still for that time, it was brave to highlight such a thing. I mean in the same year Queen release I Want To Break Free and do their video and the U.S. fans just DUMP them. And although gay rights was a worldwide thing, it was obvious the video was UK based. So the song has a UK centric sensitivity to it for me.

The Police – Synchronicity II

The picture of domesticity. A highly “dysfunctional” family – as they would be called. “Another suburban family morning / grandmother screaming at the wall / we have to shout above the din of our rice crispies / we can’t hear anything at all” Sting writes. It’s a bleak picture. It could be anywhere in the modern western world, really only for the chorus that pertains to a Scottish loch “many miles away”. I guess it could be Europe somewhere – but more likely England, and more likely northern England, perhaps near Sting’s childhood home in Northumbria. It conjures up that bleak, dreich imagery in its wording for me and the drama of the music. And…just, a moment to say that – as a drummer, I worship the ground Stewart Copeland walks on! In my dreams I would be even ONE TENTH the drummer he is! OMG!

Tubthumping – Chumbawumba

I’m not usually much of a victim of misheard lyrics as I will study songs and I am usually pretty good and taking lyrics in properly. But in this case, the northern accents got the better of me and I did mishear the chorus as – and it makes absolutely NO grammatical sense! Lol “I get knocked down but I get up again and I’m hanging on a cheap guitar”. Lol. I KNOW! As a joke I still end up singing it like that. So, yeah…it’s just an anthem, really, innit? A celebration of pub culture, essentially. Something oddly uplifting about it too in that – correctly worded here – chorus “I get knocked down but I get up again and you’re never gonna keep me down”.

Blur – Parklife

It’s just…London, innit? All the “cool Britannia” stuff of the mid to late 90s. The bands of the time and the whole Oasis v Blur thing. In that contest it was Blur for me. Oasis didn’t do as much for me – though I liked Don’t Look Back In Anger, Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova. I suppose I just preferred Essex boys to northern lads – musically then, perhaps. The other groups I liked at the time were Supergrass, Pulp and into the early noughties, Elbow – though after getting a copy of Newborn, I didn’t really stick with them much. Guy Garvey certainly has a way with words though. I also loved the more dance and trip hop stuff – Massive Attack, Faithless, Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim.

But, back to Parklife…it just kind of sold a stereotype then – pallid Brits in the sun. And, well, due to Cool Britannia and the closing down of the more industrial aspects of Britain, it started to look cleaner and began to seem more aesthetically pleasing. It wasn’t just the music now that was appealing, it was how life was looking here. We had just ended 13 years of Labor government in Australia in 1996 and the UK finally had a Labour government come in in 1997. The future looked bright. It looked better.

The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset

A homage to London and the Thames. London was not a part of the whole “Anglophile” thing that particularly appealed. It seemed a big scary, dirty place. And even after my first visit there shortly after I moved over, I felt very “meh” about it. The place I fell in love with first in the first few weeks I was here was Bath. My partner has relatives in Bristol and a cousin was getting married 4 weeks after I moved over. A bit of a baptism of fire, that. Going to a big family wedding when we’d barely been married a year ourselves. We stayed a weekend in a B&B on the outskirts of the city and had a day in Bath. The weather was glorious and warm and the architecture of Bath floored me.

It took a while…but slowly there were aspects of London I grew to like. The convenience of getting there from Luton was a HUGE plus. Erm….the West End. Theatreland. The museums and art galleries. The fact it is a cultural hub. From being absolutely indifferent to London, over the years I found the little hubs and things I liked about it. And certainly being by the Thames (particularly along the Southbank) was one. I never wanted to live in London though. NEVER. Luton was more than close enough.

London is definitely no Glasgow! Thank fuck for that!

You can also listen to the tracks as a Spotify playlist here…

Jim’s June Playlist – The Reaction

The response to June’s “Discs and Doughnuts” follows.

I suppose Computer Love is more “accessible” than earlier Kraftwerk. More lyrics, more harmonies. I guess “warmer”. It’s more dancey too, I suppose. It has a rhythm though…that kind of minimalist repetitive cycle which gets quite hypnotic…not as, I dunno “colourful” as it was on Autobahn. I do like it though. Hard not to like anything by Kraftwerk. Masters of the game.

Never heard Rubberband Man before ever in my life before. Detroit Spinners I am guessing (without looking into it – doing in totally blind) are Motown – it’s Detroit, right? That funk centric thing cannot help but be fab and uplifting. It’s the BVs that make it for me.

I love Jim – Iggy, I mean. I admit to not exploring The Stooges so much. I’ve gone to in the past. Obviously being led to Iggy via Bowie and learning Raw Power was produced by David so it was a natural progression of discovery to look into Iggy and Lou Reed, etc. I guess The Stooges didn’t pull me in as strongly as Iggy did as a solo artist.

I gotta say the Sparks track is catchy. Lol. It has great harmonies. Fun for the novelty value. On this first listen I can’t see it being something I will be playing in years to come thinking “wow, what a classic!” Lol. I mean, it isn’t exactly The Number One Song In Heaven, is it?

How do you like people who think you suck arse, Jim? Lol. All I remember is Mac going on about, well, maybe not so much you, I dunno…but he was always dissing Bono and back as a lovelorn teen it would fucking piss me off. Lol. I prefer other Bunnymen songs, I think. (Lips Like Sugar – wonder why that would be? Lol. The Cutter.)

4th And Vine. Bhangra beat! It’s almost like (apart from the actual marriage aspect of the song) the “lockdown let out ladies let’s get dolled up release”. Lol. Put the bins out – bin isolating dress up excuse. Lol. It’s got all that getting married/love stuff in it. Meh. Lol. (I’m just envious, is all.)

Life In A Northern Town: It’s a magic mix of melancholy and joy. It has that softness in between those drums. For Aussies like me, it kind of reinforced that feeling of like “geez, England looks sssoooo oppressive!” Oh, as that line comes in “as the train pulls out of sight…byyyyye byyyye” – the protracted delivery of the “bye bye” – that used to induce tears I’m not ashamed to say. As oppressive as England looked, it always drew me in though. The music made me the most extreme Anglophile. Because the music ALWAYS transcended how life looked. And the same went for Scotland too. When I moved here – first to England, then to Scotland – both felt like “coming home”. As much as I loved growing up in the western suburbs of Sydney – there was always something that never felt quite like I belonged. I dreamed of getting out.

I love musicals. I’ve seen a few. And this is where I let my guard down and admit that my favourite musical is the Disney version of Beauty And the Beast. Lol. I’ve seen it about seven times on the stage in Sydney, London, Bristol (during the early stages of whooping cough in 2002 – surprised they didn’t chuck me out of the Hippodrome – I couldn’t shut up!) and Milton Keynes. Own copies of the animated film and the original cast recording of the Australian production (Hugh Jackman as Gaston, thank you very much – sadly I didn’t get to see him on the stage, he was only in the Melbourne production and didn’t come up to Sydney, DANG!). Went and saw the live action remake a few years back. Yep!

Anyway…moving on! Tom Waits…well…yeah, he’s kind of an acquired taste. Lol. I could take him in small doses. Not sure I could deal with that voice for a whole album or concert. It is a lovely languid version and not dripping with pretension – which is always good. And it’s musically pretty lush.

Well…no need for me to do a playlist in response just yet, eh, Jim? (As if he’s looking or gives a flying fuck. Lol. Asked the fans what their choices would be in the post today – no interaction! Oh, Mr Kerr, you are a master at dangling a carrot on a stick, you really are).

I keep telling myself I will try and walk away. Save myself. But I always come back for more!

Speaking of Motown…

Of course you can hear Sir’s playlist HERE

Jim’s June Playlist

Do I go through the pretence of responding? Lol. Dream of the old “discs and doughnuts” idea? Well, the doughnuts are back on, that’s for sure. Oh, to sit and listen to these with him and then discuss them over a pistachio and hibiscus signature…

Let’s give a thought-out response in due course. And I PROMISE I’ll write it out to spare you all looking at my hideous face.

Antipodean Greats Playlist

I literally have nothing better to do. Lol. What’s worse is – I recorded a video of my choices. Yes…I waffle! And I look horrendous! This is why any other time the camera is pointed AWAY from me. Anyway…enjoy (if you can).


Crowded House – When You Come
Mental As Anything – Spirit Got Lost
Dragon – Rain
Mi-Sex – Computer Games
The Angels – After The Rain (Live)
Sherbet – Magazine Madonna
V Spy V Spy – Take Me Away
You Am I – Who Takes Who Home
Headless Chicken – Cruise Control
Leonardo’s Bride – Even When I’m Sleeping
INXS – Don’t Change
Hunters And Collectors – Betty’s Worry or The Slab
Skyhooks – Smut
Regurgitator – The Song Formally Known As
Split Enz – I Hope I Never
Icehouse – I Can’t Help Myself
AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie
Midnight Oil – Read About It
Cold Chisel – Star Hotel
The Cruel Sea – Black Stick
Divinvyls – Siren (Never Let You Go)

Bonus Track: The Triffids – Wide Open Road

P.S. Dunno why the Spotify links are going crap on here now.
Also…I was right about Smut being about “pleasuring” oneself rather than being…pleasured.

Spotify list:


The Formative Years Playlist

Because it’s the time of lockdown and I am looking for things to do – and because…I dunno – it’s just a way to respond to Jim’s playlists with stuff that I can choose, etc.
Anyway, here goes another playlist. The names in brackets at the end of each explanation to the song choice is the person who influenced the choice, either my mum, brothers David or Quince (or on the odd occasion both!) or my sister Cheryl.

All My Friends Are Getting Married – Silly but, even though I was only just 5 years old, I was already hankering for relationships and was obsessed with boys. And even to my tender young ears, I could hear what I mistakenly thought was nostalgia and longing to be like your friends. When in actual fact it was a lament for them. For all those silly ones who went and settled down too soon. My five year old ears didn’t quite hear it like that. This song weirdly made me long to be an adult. (Quince)

Just Being You – I found this uplifting at the time. It’s on a Sherbet album called “Life…is for living” – and it really IS an uplifting and life-affirming album. Well, I found it to be. It’s conceptual…the way it starts with a meld or urban city sounds, day to day life. I grappled with which track from the album to choose. The title track is so…kind of anthemic “fuck yeah!” affirmation is awesome. But I guess Just Being You spoke more of what could be rather than what is – and as a five year old, projecting to the future was important. “You can be whatever you want to be / now don’t be afraid / you can do whatever you want to do / so don’t waste your time away”. Oh, I wish I could have taken that advice. (David)

Light My Fire (Feliciano) – My mum loved Jose Feliciano and long before I knew of The Doors this was the version of Light My Fire I was familiar with thanks to mum. (Mum)

Stop! In The Name Of Love – She also loved Motown (is there a person on planet earth that doesn’t?). I almost chose Baby Love and I could have chosen Reflections too. I remember more so playing this Supremes “hits” album she had in my early teens – lamenting the fact I was alone and didn’t have a boyfriend. Again…that yearning is always there. Omnipresent. (Mum)

Sylvia’s Mother – one I remember really vividly sitting around having to “endure” while my mum played Dr Hook. Lol. I have a grudging like for them as a result. A “guilty pleasure” you could call it. I know FAAAAAAR too many Dr Hook songs off-by-heart. Again…a break-up song. A lament. Lol. When other young girls are into pure pop and uplifting and catchy, dancey kind of things, I’m listening to break-up songs and lamenting not having a boyfriend. Lol. What a sad fucking kid! (Mum)

Hold On Tight – If Jim ever does visit this ridiculous blog and then actually spends time reading this crap then he’ll be like “Oh, fuck no! What, woman? An ELO song?! I thought you had TASTE!” Lol. Given his little fun jibe when he did that post about that group photo taken by the mysterious photographer (and I STILL don’t know who the bloody photographer of that photo is!). Well, yeah, Jim. I like ELO – SUE ME! And this I find dizzyingly uplifting. “Hold on tight to your dream.” I try to keep my dreams in a positive light and try to be hopeful about them, rather than ending up at the inevitable point of “it’s never going to happen! Why do I bother?” Sometimes…just sometimes I try to be optimistic. And delusional. (Me)

Devil Gate Drive – This is just pure fun. Something to just sing and dance to. At four years of age, I thought Suzi Quatro was the coolest thing in the whole world. I wanted to be her. She wore leather, had this big old guitar (which is actually just a standard size bass – she’s just tiny. Lol) and she just seemed such a rock chick. Geez, how can you not love a bit of Devil Gate Drive? It still has that groove. That glam rock/rockabilly thing to it. (David)

And here I am as a 4 year old, trying to do my best Quatro stance. Lol

Jailbreak – AC/DC was always being played. They were everywhere and around our neck of the woods – the “Housing Commission” areas around Sydney’s southwest – they were like heroes. Their music was the attitude to the young guys around there. And as the girl who “wanted in” with all the boys – to be “one of the guys” – I almost forced myself to like their music to begin with. Some things came naturally to being liked, others not quite so much. I think I was just taken with the narrative of this song. (Quince/David)

Walls – I gave myself an instruction with this – make sure everything you choose for this playlist made some kind of impact on you before your 10th birthday. Well, the Icehouse album by the then named Flowers, was released three weeks before my 10th birthday on October 10th, 1980. And I’m pretty sure my brother, Quince, would have bought it upon release. I know I played it A LOT when he wasn’t around to chastise me for raiding his record collection. Walls has been and always will remain an absolute favourite from the Icehouse canon. It’ll be that bass drum that does it around (heartbeat replication) the 25 second mark. (Quince)

African Reggae – I don’t know HOW ON EARTH I decided to listen to this. Lol. Perhaps intrigued by the cover art? Being taken with the visual look of Nina Hagen? I’m not sure. I have this vivid, indelible image imprinted in my mind of me sitting in my brother’s bedroom, sitting by his big Technics hifi system. His room was very dark and there was this naff trend for having different coloured light bulbs – like traditional bayonet light bulbs in blue, red, green, black…like, just odd colours. I would love sitting in his room under one of these coloured lights and just listen to stuff he had in his record collection. I remember playing this and just … loving it. Lol. What other nine year old girl in the western suburbs of Sydney is sitting around listening to a female German avant garde punk artist? Lol. It’s bloody nuts!

Far away eyes – There were a few tracks I could have chosen for The Rolling Stones – It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll, Angie, Respectable, She’s So Cold – and I very nearly chose Emotional Rescue (upon reflection I could have chosen it for my “sexy songs” playlist for, even though Mick Jagger does absolutely NOTHING for me – never has… the way he delivers the lines “I will be your knight in shining armour, coming to your emotional rescue – you will be mine, you will be mine – all mine” was absolutely goddamn sexy for this near 10 year old!) – but Far Away Eyes has this country twang I normally wouldn’t like in music. It’s kind of kitschy and tongue-in-cheek but there’s a kind of message too. I suppose I loved that poking fun at the church kind of thing that goes on in it. There’s a bit of melancholy in it too. I feel sorry for that “far away eyes” girl. (Quince)

Looking Out My Back Door – Mum was such a big CCR fan. I’m not even sure how it happened. Maybe it was from the man otherwise known as my father (aka, the Sperm Donor) – although he supposedly liked the Beach Boys? Anyway – in later years, before I upped sticks and moved to the UK, when I stayed home on weekends with mum, we’d have a drink, play board games and listen to music. These…rather stupidly, are my fondest memories I have being with mum. Us just being friends, drinking, playing games, listening to music. Staying up til all hours, getting drunk and acting silly. Back to the formative years though – I had NO IDEA what this song was about. No real idea what John Fogarty was singing but it’s just catchy and fun. It’s down to the music that I like this one, I guess. (Mum)

Chiquitita – I used to tease my sister something chronic when it came to her music taste (or lack thereof as I would think back then. Lol). Her very favourites were…the Bay City Rollers and Abba. I teased her more over the Rollers than Abba to be fair – as even I knew that as much as I ribbed her for liking them…secretly…Abba were fucking class! (But I would never admit that to her….not for a loooong time!) This choice could have very easily slotted into my “tears” playlist – as Chiquitita makes me openly sob like a fucking baby. I am not ashamed to admit it. So, poor Cheryl, she influenced me on one single musical act – but what an act, eh?


Sexy Songs Playlist

It was relatively easy to come up with a list of songs for this playlist topic – what will be more awkward is coming up with reasons behind my choices. Because with songs like these, the feeling is more visceral. It’s just about…a vibe. A groove of a song. I’ll do my best to try and explain it away.

Let’s Get It On:

It’s just the groove of it. That sensual soul sound. Slow guitar groove, soft drum playing. It’s like the body just does a languid slide as soon as the music starts. Like, I just feel like I’m melting…and then Gaye’s voice comes in with this almost pleading cry of pain like “MAAAAN! I need me some goddamn loving!”

Possibly Maybe:

Slow and languid…it’s all about the lyrics for me with this one. I would think for many the obvious Bjork choice would be Big Time Sensuality and it has a more danceable beat, but this song’s sexiness comes from the possibilities it offers up…the element of the “maybe”
‘As much as I definitely enjoy solitude / I wouldn’t mind perhaps spending a little time with you / sometimes sometimes’
No strings.
Then things obviously proceed because by the time we reach the final verse, nostalgia has replaced the excitement of the possibilities that await…
‘Since we broke up / I’m using lipstick again / I suck my tongue / In remembrance of you’
How fucking sexy is that line?

Lady Grinning Soul:

Mike Garson’s piano – flamenco string acoustic guitars – Bowie’s words painting a picture of a room, a boudoir with billowing muslin curtains and the most beautiful naked woman you have ever laid your eyes upon…
‘Skin sweet with musky oil’
‘Touch the fullness of her breast / feel the love of her caress / she will be your living end’
One of the most sensual songs ever recorded.

Move Closer:

I was 14 years old when this song came out and all I remember is just wishing so bloody much to experience something like that. I won’t sugar-coat it. My sexual awakening happened VERY early (Scorpio, see. We’re born gagging for it. Lol.). I was ready for a long LONG time before I lost my virginity. The thing that stopped me being lead astray by my minge was – I am painfully shy (yes…okay, maybe not so much now….I dunno…for me there is a distinction between being gregarious and friendly and being shy and feeling socially awkward) and …. fussy. I was not going to sleep around.
Hell, it didn’t stop me from wanting sex though.
Nothing ever changes. Some 35 odd years on and…
Life is cyclical.
But, the song wasn’t really about sex. It was about love-making. It was about that physicality of being with another. And to me it sounded like the most beautiful thing in the world and I wanted that so, sssooo much. But…it needs to be reciprocal. To be desired as much as you are desiring it.
That’s all I can say.

Let’s Spend The Night Together:

This song almost leads on from the previous – but it’s from the other viewpoint. It doesn’t pretend to be about love-making but it is from the point of YOU being the desired one. Someone saying to you “I need you and I am going to fuck your bones” – has anyone ever said that to me? Not that I ever recall. Not even the only long(ish) term boyfriend I ever had.

Again, it’s really no strings. “I need you….but this is one night, mind. I ain’t making any promises here!”

Are You Experienced:

The lyrics are actually quite ambiguous, really. I mean, is this song actually about sex? In the most ambiguous sense…yes. The sensuality of this is all down to Hendrix of course, the guitar playing, the delivery of the lyrics. The way he naturally oozes sex appeal.

Ain’t Nobody:

Checking the lyrics…I started crying. Silly cow! It’s hard for me to explain. Maybe I shouldn’t try to? For me, the sensual, the sexual, the visceral…it’s all wrapped up together. Sex, love-making, lust….all of it…all the same. No matter how much I try and get with the idea that the sexual experience needing only to be about the…release…of…stress, tension, etc…it’s always oh so much more than that. I’ve never had a one night stand in my entire life – and this is why.

Love Is The Drug:

And we cycle around again. This is absolutely about the one night stand experience. You want sex. A fuck. Get to a nightclub. Find someone willing to put out. Get your kicks. The end. “Love” is the drug? Let’s not confuse love and sex here! SEX is the drug. “Love” ain’t got nothing to do with it! Sometimes I really do wish I could just “score”. Just…get fucked and have done with it. Get it out of my system.

But I’d want more. Always more. Insatiable….


I don’t know how Bolan does it…but he does. I mean…some of those lines…what the??? BUT…the important line. The one that just makes me just….fall to a puddle to the floor…the end…
‘Oh, girl I’m just a vampire for your love / and I’m gonna suck you’
I know he doesn’t mean it like that but…
I can’t help but think of that Not The Nine O’ Clock News song parody called “Kinda Lingers”

Life in Oils:

Sorry, Jim….but this is ssoooooooooo sexy! Your voice! All that panting and moaning. You do things to a girl with this one. I’ve said it. SUE ME, SIR…YOU GODDAMN SEXY BASTARD! And it’s not just your voice and the panting and moaning…the music is sexy too.
That talk on the radio station in America a couple of years back in which when recording Alive And Kicking you had this “heated debate” with Jimmy Iovine about changing the “you turn me on” opening line? You were worried about THAT?! I don’t believe you! YOU RECORDED LIFE IN OILS FOUR YEARS BEFORE THAT!
I’m sorry…but this is really sexy!


Derek’s bass…my god! It is so, ssoooo sexy! And then just that little synth loop from Mick. I don’t know how that manages to be sexy…but it does. And Charlie’s guitar in the middle…
But again, Jim…every time he comes in with that “Act of love is a luxury”….and “the suit he wears belongs to me” – how that line is sexy, I don’t know. It’s just…a statement…a piece of info. But it’s kind of like “now…imagine that suit on me – how fucking sexy I am, and how fucking sexy that suit looks on me….are you wet yet?”
And then…the “she rag doll / keeps him warm” line. I keep saying it – I WANT TO BE THAT RAG DOLL!!! ERMAGEEEEEERD! I want to be that rag doll more than anything in this world!
But the thing that makes Celebrate just as sexy is….the escape. The running away. The celebration of life. We’re alive! Let’s celebrate. RUN! And…how Jim delivers those lines. God, I could eat him!

Silent Kiss:

It’s a yearning song, really. But I find it sexy too.
“And when we were kissing / the fear was missing / and it all felt natural…yeah / no hesitation / when those vibrations started to feel incredible…yeah / I’ve been waiting anticipating / because it all seemed magical”

I mean….how the hell is that not sexy? COME ON!!

From lust to love back to lust and then love again. Intertwined. I can’t separate it all out.

Sexy songs. Sensual songs…elements of love in them…but mostly they just give you the overriding feeling of wanting to fuck and be fucked.

Well, perhaps not so much Silent Kiss. I shouldn’t have that one in. As I say, it’s more a yearning song…for intimacy, togetherness….not necessarily lust. But I’ll keep it on the list anyway.

A couple of other contenders too…

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