Antipodean Greats Playlist

I literally have nothing better to do. Lol. What’s worse is – I recorded a video of my choices. Yes…I waffle! And I look horrendous! This is why any other time the camera is pointed AWAY from me. Anyway…enjoy (if you can).


Crowded House – When You Come
Mental As Anything – Spirit Got Lost
Dragon – Rain
Mi-Sex – Computer Games
The Angels – After The Rain (Live)
Sherbet – Magazine Madonna
V Spy V Spy – Take Me Away
You Am I – Who Takes Who Home
Headless Chicken – Cruise Control
Leonardo’s Bride – Even When I’m Sleeping
INXS – Don’t Change
Hunters And Collectors – Betty’s Worry or The Slab
Skyhooks – Smut
Regurgitator – The Song Formally Known As
Split Enz – I Hope I Never
Icehouse – I Can’t Help Myself
AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie
Midnight Oil – Read About It
Cold Chisel – Star Hotel
The Cruel Sea – Black Stick
Divinvyls – Siren (Never Let You Go)

Bonus Track: The Triffids – Wide Open Road

P.S. Dunno why the Spotify links are going crap on here now.
Also…I was right about Smut being about “pleasuring” oneself rather than being…pleasured.

Spotify list:


2 thoughts on “Antipodean Greats Playlist

  1. Ever heard of a band called ‘ The Australian Crawl’ . I had a friend at school who gave me a loan of one of their cassettes . It was ok iirc.

    A glowing review. 🙂

    • Hey, highlight a group I forgot about! Lol. Yes, I know them well and like a number of their songs – Errol (about Errol Flynn) and Oh No Not You Again (about drug addiction) being particular faves.
      Not sure I’ll subject you blog visitors to another hour of my ugly mug and annoying voice for the next playlist. Will try and get back writing it out.

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