Jim Kerr – Alive And Kicking: KX 93.5 Laguna Beach, CA – Show 5

Only one show left now!!! Waaaaah!! 

I feel like I get to spend an hour just hanging out with him, playing music each week. It’s such an awesome feeling. And I would give ANYTHING for it to be a REAL LIFE experience…but, if it can only just be via radio waves…long may it continue. I love it! And you can hear that he loves doing it. The interaction of a RL experience of it though would be…awesome. I dare say, I would just want to talk over the songs…firing one billion questions at him and talking the leg off an iron chair. Lol.

Anyways…on with his choices this week.

The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows. Jim says after it plays…”The psychedelic Beatles. The Beatles I love the best. Some people say when they got into the psychedelic stuff, they lost the plot. I definitely don’t agree.” Me, neither, sir. Me neither. I love them from go to woah! (Not woe!) All because of David. The best brother a girl could ever have. I’m sure I’d have found them without him, no doubt. But growing up with big brothers with (mostly) fab music taste was great! 🙂

He touched upon an Italian film called Gomorrah. Now made into a TV series. Sounds all very underworld and grimey. I usually like violent stuff…when it’s fictional. I’m too “peace, love and understanding” to deal with ANY level of conflict out in the real world.

Planet Funk – The Switch. Connections. Planet Funk helping to produce the Cry album for Minds. Also, under the guise of Phunk Investigation, helping to produce the Neon Lights album.

Paolo Nutini – Funk My Life Up. Jim compared him to Al Green. Well, any great soul or blues singer. He has the voice of an “old soul”. Like he’s possessed by some 80 year old black man whose just lived through it all. And DANG! is that song sexy! Paolo’s sexy…let’s be honest!

Talking Heads – Take Me To The River. Nice segue, boy! Linking Paolo Nutini to Al Green to then move on to the Talking Heads cover. You’re getting GOOD at this radio DJ stuff! ❤️

My other brother, Quince, was into Talking Heads heavily. I didn’t start to appreciate them until much later and into adulthood. This Must Be The Place is my absolute favourite of theirs.

Bat For Lashes – Laura. Oh, it’s an awesome song. Beautiful. Damn waterworks! The more I hear, the more it just makes me want to cry. The sheer beauty of it. That chourus “Ooh, Laura. You’re more than a superstar.” And the way Natasha sings it…just…heartbreak!

Counting Crows – Mr Jones. Lost me there. Would hear it on the radio back in the day and would tune out. Sorry, sir. Can’t agree on everything. It’s rare we don’t. I mean. The song’s ok. I’m just not taken with it.

Kraftwerk – Computer Love. Electronic music can set off the waterworks too. Never found it cold and unemotional, but the opposite in fact, and highly emotive. Either extremely joyous and happy…or haunting and beautiful, sad, melancholic. But never cold. Never not emotional.

And after I had written that, while listening in, Jim said: “I love listening to that. It’s a pretty lengthy track coming in at around 7 minutes and the last 3 minutes it just seems to go round, hypnotically. And they say Kraftwerk had no soul…you can count me out on that one!” Well, ditto to that one, boy! We are back in sync.

Average White Band – Atlantic Avenue. Certainly has a groove! Wow. Really don’t know enough about AWB. But NO WAY did I think that sound would come out of Dundee! Sorry Dundee.

Everything But The Girl – Missing. Jim is speaking the endless praises of Tracey Thorn at the moment, and rightly so! It was a version of the song I wasn’t as familiar with. It was number one in Oz for weeks and weeks! And deservedly so. I know it drove some nuts, the number of weeks it stayed at the top of the chart, but never me. Never got bored of it. How can you?

JJ Cale – After Midnight. I am far more familiar with someone elses version of this, but whose, I couldn’t tell you! It’s not Eric Clapton’s, that I know. The only JJ Cale song I knew prior to this was Cocaine…and yes…Neil Young’s opinion on his guitar playing shines through on that. Oh, lordy!

Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream. Jim likes a good falsetto. And rates his own well?! Bold statement, sir! Lol. Can you even get there now? Without the aid of a vice? Sorry. I’m being cheeky! Well, of course, my favourite of yours is those “singing memories” lines in Wonderful In Young Life :,(

As I was double checking the title of the Empire Of The Sun track on Spotify…this happened…

Ah, Spotify…you know me SO WELL! 😉

Sparks – This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us. Wish I’d seen FFS last year, FFS! And, well, continuing the falsetto theme, Russell Mael has probably one of the best there is! Of course, only recently did I read an article and interview with Jim (back in the day) in which his singing voice was being compared to Russell Mael’s. Say what???! Lol. That still makes me giggle.

See you next week for the final one :-(((((

UPDATE: We were informed by Sir last week that there would be a short sabbatical in broadcast…so show 6 won’t be on until June 11th.

In the meantime, show 5 is now finally available via podcast to listen to. Click the link below…


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