You know how lately I have talked about being a part from things, rather than feeling a part of things when relating to the Simple Minds fandom?

Well, today is an absolute case in point. Fans waxing lyrical about LITCOL as Jim posts about the 35th Anniversary of its release. It’s not an album I am likely to celebrate an anniversary of – certainly not in the way I dedicated to with the amount of work I undertook researching, analysing and posting about Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call for its 40th Anniversary last year – nor what I will hope I get to do for New Gold Dream this year (at the moment still at ‘wishful thoughts’ stage as I can’t really take the time away from study that I’d need to dedicate to the task).

I mean geez, I’ve only just fully come round to liking that particular arrangement of Book Of Brilliant Things! (And there are still a few ‘conditional clauses’ attached to that!) Lol

Today’s celebrations confirm this feeling of mine of being … ‘on the outer’. But that’s okay. I’m starting to learn and accept that I can’t have everyone like me and I am not prepared to alter my opinion of something just for the sake of feeling included or liked. I will stand by my feeling on the album – as its my own personal perspective. It’s not the right opinion. It’s not the wrong opinion. It’s just a differing opinion to the majority.

Do I wish the album was as significant to me as it is for many other fans? Only inasmuch as I’d feel a little more ‘included’ but…I hold other things about Simple Minds, their music and the fans in different esteem. And I would rather have the absolute LOVE I have of seeing them live right now as I would, say, wishing they still sounded like they did on LITCOL and wielding that old ‘bring back Derek/Mick/Mel’ piece of crap around.

And I still feel that …. If you haven’t got anything nice to say…

So…all that’s left to say is…Happy Anniversary LITCOL.

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