Billy Drops A Bomb!

So, I am listening into the Billy Sloan Show earlier (still listening now as I type this out) and he read out some listener comments about the best gig, album and single of 2018. After he read some words about Simple Minds, he went onto say “they are bringing out a new album and will be on tour again. I can’t say too much now but all will be revealed in due course. Simple Minds are set for a very busy year in 2019.”



UPDATE: Next morning: okay, well…I’m not sure where the “tour” bit came from that I heard. I suppose I had jst been talking “tour” wth a friend just a few minutes before and it stuck in my mind and stayed there. I hadn’t been well, so that’ll be my excuse. But, to reiterate, Billy did say that a new album s coming and that Simple Minds will have a busy year ahead. But…we’ll see! My eyes will be kept peeled and my ears will be kepyt to the ground.

What The Phunk? It’s A Rap From Mr Kerr!

Well, he has to have a suitable name if he’s turning to rap. How about Prip W? Lol. Pripton returns as a rapper?! Lol. Punk will eat itself 😉

What am I on about? Well, news is Phunk Investigation (Planet Phunk + other associates) have a new album of remixes coming out in February next year.

Jim has done a track with them with the title “Four Letter Word”. Now…I was innocently thinking…”it could be love, or hate…but it’s probably fuck” never considering for a SECOND it could be c***! 😱

You dirty bugger, Mr Kerr! I LIKE IT!!!!! Lol! You being dirty, that is…I’ve never partaken in…erm…yeah, anyway! Here are a few saucy samples….enjoy!




Ragtime Bry

A new release from Bryan Ferry at the end of November…inspired by his soundtrack work for the Netflix series Berlin Babylon. It sounds like it could be a goodun. I wonder if next year’s world tour will be airing this kind of vibe too?

Would really love to hear how Sea Breezes sounds. Only about five weeks to wait…

click the album image for more details


Love Is Magic – John Grant (Review-ish)

I’ve not bought the album yet and had my first listen to it proper on Spotify last night. This won’t be a strict review, just a general mulling over of my first impressions.

I was already familiar with three tracks, the title track, He’s Got His Mother’s Hips and Is He Strange.

At last week’s talk about the album, John said his favourite track was Metamorphosis so I was intrigued to hear it. He seemed to suggest others thought it an unusual album opener. I don’t have any judgement on that…no experience of setting tracklists so I wouldn’t know. It certainly feels like a juxtaposing “two songs in one” affair, with those almost “stream of consciousness” verses jarring against that middle refrain. I like the way it works.

The title track took a while to grow on me. The thing I am loving, along with the overall assult of synths, is the drum sounds coming from Budgie. I may have this info wrong – I can’t double check it, but I am going to assume he plays drums on some tracks. I can’t find personnel info about the record. Budgie really does have a style of playing I like. He’s certainly going to be playing with John live, so I’m looking forward to that.

Tempest I think may just about be my fave track on the album. There’s a kind of simplicity to it I like. There’s not so much an assult to the senses going on…which makes it seem more epic…contradictorily.

Preppy Boy’s fun.

Smug Cunt…well, the title sounds kinda Carry On…but once you get past the sniggering of him using the most explosive of expletives…it really is a rather cutting and vitriolic track. Smug Cunt is NOT meant to be taken lightly. Not by how it sounds to my ears anyway.

He’s Got His Mother’s Hips on the other hand is pure funkadelic Grant. Diet Gum continues that sarcastic playfulness he’s so good at.

Is He Strange sounds like it could have been off Pale Green Ghosts, really. A proper ballad, and possibly the most “synth light” song on the album as he has actually reverted back to piano for it. On first listen with the track, I liked it to begin with and then the track just lost me about half way through. It kind of just…meanders. I dunno.

The Common Snipe…well, any song that is referencing birds is going to reel me in.

Touch And Go I have little recollection of, to be honest. I can’t really make any comment on that.

Overall…I’m liking it. I had seen some not favourable reviews of it…but equally some very good ones. It’s dividing opinion.

On first listen…I don’t think the album is as strong, lyrically, as previous albums have been.

And I said this wasn’t going to be a review? Lol. Well, it has kind of ended up one. But it’s all down to personal taste. And that is the absolute beauty of music streaming services now. You can listen to things, check them out before you decide to commit or not.

At the moment, I think I’ll be buying the album. It works as a cohesive unit. It can be jarring at times, sonically…but I like that. I like to feel on guard. It does fall away at the end for me though…well, upon first listen anyway.

I’m gonna give it a few more listens and come back to this…what is now a review and see how things change, or IF they change.

I shall leave you with track three, Tempest…


Jon Hopkins – Singularity

Really fab interview with Jon Hopkins in this month’s Electronic Sound magazine. Will definitely take a listen to the album tonight.

Sherbet – Life…Is For Living

Every day on Facebook for the past four days, I have been doing this “share a cover of an album that made an impact on you, that you still play today, even if only now and then”. Well, today’s one I felt I wanted to share beyond FB. Part of the idea of it is just to share the album cover. You don’t have to go in the details of why it means what it does to you…but I wanted to for this. Maybe because it impacted on me when I was so young.

I must have barely been 5 years old the first time I heard it. The opening track I remember always blowing me away…all the sounds on it, the bird song…just the hubbub and sound of life. Chaos. A bit like Kooyanisqatsi before its time. But, I would always listen to it from start to finish. The very epitome of a “concept” album. Unknown to me then, of course.

I listened to it last night for the first time in…at least 5 years (I do still listen to it from time to time) – and…I could not escape its gleaming optimism. Trying to take myself back to my five year old mind. All that optimism lost on me then because I had it in SPADES! I was five years old! I DID believe anything was possible then. I believed wholehearted the sentiment in the title track: “Look at me I can dance, I can sing / let my make like a bell, let me ring / I can run, I can jump, I can shout / I’m turning on my own roundabout – I’ll live my life and be free / I’ve got my eyes I can see / I’ve got my mind and I’m me / I’ll live my life and be free”….

But it wore away. A plethora of things led to its diminishing.

The final track with lyrics is just as shining in optimism, Where Do We Go? “The past is always over when it’s only just begun / you can’t look over your shoulder to try and find your fun / your dreams can always come true if you believe your mind / the thoughts that you thought would never be could come down from the sky – where do we go? Where do we go? If we don’t believe in tomorrow / where do we go?”

I know I’ll get a caning for choosing a Sherbet album – a “girly” band that only wrote ballads and did “Howzat?” Yes, there’s a ballad on the album…but there are some fruitier things too (and how much did I love singing along to that “don’t give me none of that bullshit” line as a kid! Lol). It’s not the BEST album in the world…but it was part of my childhood…a big part…and I still have the biggest soft spot for it…and god knows I can do with more of that optimism now.

It’s on Spotify…give it a listen…if for no other tracks than for “Life…Is For Living”, “Just Being You” and “Where Do We Go?”