Jim Kerr: The Laird – Magazine Interview – 1987 (Publication and exact date unknown)

I’m guessing by the description Adam Sweeting gives of the weather “a summery day” and the talk of Live In The City Of Light having just been released (LitCoL released in May), it must be around June of 1987.

I thought seeing as I’ve been to South Queensferry a few times over the past 12 months, I might as well get the damn article and share it here.

Article From 1987 With Jim Kerr

It reads like a load of tosh, to be honest. Though…if genuine, the story of him flinging the albums out of the flat and Charlie ending up with one is hilarious! I’m not even going NEAR “The Walker” bit! Lol. Though that is DEFINITELY NOT what I think of him…if you get what I’m on about? Though, maybe in 1987 I would have…sorry, Jim.