New Old (Cleaner!) Clips!

I’d love to know more about when and where this video of Love Song was done (ie: which music program, which country and when – 1981 is all I got)! Answers on a postcard.

At least I know a tad more about the Hear Here appearance and thank fuck they were allowed to perform live! I’ve never got music shows that have bands on and then don’t let them play live. What is the bloody point of having them on if they don’t play live?!

Anyway, enjoy these two in a bit more clarity than before.

2 thoughts on “New Old (Cleaner!) Clips!

  1. Update . I no longer think it’s the Untied Shoelaces Show but that is Tiger Tim. and Im certain it is 1981. Fucking hell.:) I’ve actually emailed Tiger to ask him if he remembers . 🙂

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