Superb Owl Advertising – Hoo Ha, Blah blah, La La La La

It’s one of the world’s biggest sporting events and it centres around American Football – and THAT, my friends, is the full extent of my knowledge of the Superbowl – or as I like to invariably refer to it as “Superb Owl” – as, quite frankly, I’d devote a heck of a lot more of my time to owls than some kind of football game.

The major brands around the world cream themselves over getting advertising space during this frenzied few hours of sporting spectacle. Advertising slots during half-time are bought at HUGE cost – literally MILLIONS of dollars! I guess the revenue subsequently raised from sales justifies the cost? (Does it really? Does a company really see that much of a spike in sales after advertising in the half-time slot of Superb Owl? I guess they must…)

One brand in amongst the pack is some gaming brand or other. They can advertise as much as they like to me, I am no gamer. But I guess the fact I am going to the trouble of making this blog post means that in some ways the objective has been achieved.

Normally I wouldn’t even bother with this kind of post. But it’s a slow news Sunday, and after a lovely couple of weeks of saturated publicity of the Act Of Love single involving quite a number of interviews with His Sirness of Kerrness, and the release of Themes For Great Cities and all that brought with it, we are now again in a lull. Hopefully the lull before the storm, as the restart of the 40 Years Of Hits tour is just a little over two weeks away.

And so, for want of anything else to talk about or report…here is a Superb Owl advert featuring that song they done years ago.

I know nothing else about it. I haven’t even watched the whole ad and I don’t really intend to.

Prip out.

New Old (Cleaner!) Clips!

I’d love to know more about when and where this video of Love Song was done (ie: which music program, which country and when – 1981 is all I got)! Answers on a postcard.

At least I know a tad more about the Hear Here appearance and thank fuck they were allowed to perform live! I’ve never got music shows that have bands on and then don’t let them play live. What is the bloody point of having them on if they don’t play live?!

Anyway, enjoy these two in a bit more clarity than before.

A Celebration Of U2 In 1982

Geez, I loved them then. What a cracking version of Gloria! And to hear A Celebration being done live is fab. That line in Rejoice “I can’t change the world, but I can change the world in me” resonated so much with me.
They were so flipping fab then. Honestly. Just watching this 9 minutes of them had me fist-pumping and singing along. I just don’t feel that from them any more, unfortunately.

I have no idea if Simple Minds were on the same show? They appeared on Get Set For Summer as well, doing Promised You A Miracle and King Is White And In The Crowd…Sweat In Bullet too.

I always find it odd too that these days, retrospectively (or…maybe not so retrospectively), I’d have Jim in a damn heartbeat. But back then I looooooved Bono. I was absolutely GUTTED when I found out he was married. Lol. It didn’t stop me getting jealous of every single girl he’d drag up on stage to dance with him, either. Lol

Full Follies Colour!

ERMEAGEERRRRRRD! IMMA GONNA CRY! I am ssssoooo happy this is up there. But I am sssooooo scared it’ll get taken away. PLEASE stay up there until morning, so I can make sure I can copy it for my own personal collection.

Jim is just off his tits glorious in this performance. I mean…he really is flying high, but I just love how he is. He’s just….EVERYTHING!

Simple Minds In Canberra…

I absolutely LOVED Graham Kennedy. Known as “The King” in Australia, he wasn’t without his controversy. He particularly enjoyed performing impressions of Australian crows (which are actually ravens – just putting that ornithological fact out there for you) – which can sound like they are swearing rather painfully if you’ve ever heard them?

Anyway….I have no recollection of this, but I can bet I was watching the show that night. I was always watching Coast To Coast – it was essential viewing for me.

Finding this clip on the DVD had me tickled pink, it really did.

More little snippets of clips to come…