Glasgow Last November – 15 to 1

Last year’s trip to Glasgow was for me to appear on quiz show Fifteen To One. My shows are finally due to air as of Wednesday. 

And so, despite how it appeared…that I was going up to Glasgow on a doughnut date with Jim (God, I bloody wish! NEVER gonna happen!), there was something more…monumental going on. Me, fulfilling one of my quiz dreams by finally plucking up the courage to get my butt on TV and try to become a quiz champion.

You can see how I go as of Wednesday.

European Love Song Bhoy – Part 2

I have DREAMED of making this sequence of gifs for MONTHS!

I can now truly die a happy Priptona! Lol. If the plane crashes when I’m going out to Oz, this will be my legacy! Lol

Now, if only there was a cleaner copy of this video out on the web somewhere…OMG!!! I would just…DIE.

BIIIIIIG thumbs up to for allowing me to get the video off Daily Motion so I could finally do these gifs. Whoever you are, I want to snog you! A million thank yous!!!