Superb Owl Advertising – Hoo Ha, Blah blah, La La La La

It’s one of the world’s biggest sporting events and it centres around American Football – and THAT, my friends, is the full extent of my knowledge of the Superbowl – or as I like to invariably refer to it as “Superb Owl” – as, quite frankly, I’d devote a heck of a lot more of my time to owls than some kind of football game.

The major brands around the world cream themselves over getting advertising space during this frenzied few hours of sporting spectacle. Advertising slots during half-time are bought at HUGE cost – literally MILLIONS of dollars! I guess the revenue subsequently raised from sales justifies the cost? (Does it really? Does a company really see that much of a spike in sales after advertising in the half-time slot of Superb Owl? I guess they must…)

One brand in amongst the pack is some gaming brand or other. They can advertise as much as they like to me, I am no gamer. But I guess the fact I am going to the trouble of making this blog post means that in some ways the objective has been achieved.

Normally I wouldn’t even bother with this kind of post. But it’s a slow news Sunday, and after a lovely couple of weeks of saturated publicity of the Act Of Love single involving quite a number of interviews with His Sirness of Kerrness, and the release of Themes For Great Cities and all that brought with it, we are now again in a lull. Hopefully the lull before the storm, as the restart of the 40 Years Of Hits tour is just a little over two weeks away.

And so, for want of anything else to talk about or report…here is a Superb Owl advert featuring that song they done years ago.

I know nothing else about it. I haven’t even watched the whole ad and I don’t really intend to.

Prip out.

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