Retreating To My Own Space

Where I can no longer “offend” the likes of someone who has decided to name themselves after a potato. So, Maris Piper, et al – and whomever I keep on seemingly offending at Simple Minds Official – I’ll stay right here and just respond to posts within my own space.

To be honest, all the wonderful dynamic that was there up until recently has all but gone anyway. I don’t know exactly what caused it. Perhaps an amalgamation of things – Jim’s dad, the changing of record companies, other high profile things that will never get a mention on this page (as unlike a lot of other fans who seem to revel in that kind of gossip, it is DEFINITELY NOT me). It feels all very….estranged, the way the FB page feels to me now, so it’s best to leave it.

Anyway, Mr Kerr posted about venues. Indoors, outdoors, small or large – he seemed to give off the air that nothing ever phases him. He’s ready for anything. Something he’s been saying, really, since 1983 and this short interview at one of the European festivals.

My response is as follows (I actually posted it in the comments but then decided to remove it and post it here instead. Keep it all within my own space.) Worded as if I am replying to him directly – which I was when I posted it…but, hey ho.

Inside the Kelvingrove on Saturday was pretty amazing. One to consider for the future. (I was praying you’d play the bandstand this year too.)
From a small-ish (ish – your fave appendix!) 1700 capacity venue (Vega, Copenhagen) to a Winery (Binbadgen, Hunter Valley) – I’ll be experiencing SM shows in all manner of settings. And you guys always deliver at every kind of venue.

That sentiment expressed in the last sentence is not meant to be perceived as sycophancy – it’s true! They knock it out the park every time. But…perhaps I do wear rose-tinted glasses. Who knows? I don’t feel as though I do.

Obviously, you can see his post on SMO FB to read exactly what he said.

In the meantime…34 days until Copenhagen…

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