Behind The Eight Ball…

I feel sickeningly behind time with the blog at the moment. I have several audio clips of recent interviews to share…plus I never really gave any real reviews of the gigs themselves…was finding that hard when the four ran pretty much back to back, with only one day’s break between London and Paris.

Gillian and Nicola were here for a further two weeks, and no sooner had they been dropped off at the airport when disaster struck at home, with the OH’s parents house being damaged by an overflowing water storage tank from a frozen pipe in the extreme weather.

Stuff like that is set to test the resolve, I guess. Stiff upper lip and all that, I say, fine chap.

Anyway…in the meantime, life moves on…so I will endeavour to get the blog updated in the ensuing days.

There is meant to be live Anchoress dates being announced shortly. Yay! My current gig count of headline Anchoress gigs stands at a lowly 1. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!

Next gig off the rank is Art Of Noise at the British Library on Friday. Should be fun!

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