The Lack Of Early Boy Pics – The Bugbear

On the quest to create a lyric piece for every track on every SM studio album (minus Neon Lights as it’s a covers album and contains not a single Kerr lyric – doing something like Street Hassle is a different affair…one cover in an otherwise full Kerr lyric written SM album is a different kettle of fish)…the very early stuff is getting hard to source non-copyright images for.

I know, it’s a little pointless in me worrying as these all contain song lyrics that I have not sought permission to use, so why worry about the photo source too? But I do. I worry about it all.

But at the end of it is just…

The simple expression of wanting to highlight a) What a fabulous lyricist Jim Kerr is, b) What particular lyrics in Simple Minds songs mean to me, and c) To just…generally be creative and show the love I have for this band through…”artistic endeavour”, shall we say?

Anyways…the early stuff. The sources for early images are drying up. I’ve used the Hurrah’s footage several times. The Old Grey Whistle Test footage a few times. Hear Here – though that’s going into 1980. There just isn’t much for ‘79…and I’ve had all of Life In A Day and Real To Real Cacophony to cater for in that year.

I still have some tracks for Life In A Day to do…including the title track.

I have had to cheat for and there. And I have used the odd copyright image because I think that image fits best…but I try so hard not to do it…but to complete the stuff for 1979, I may have to. I need a TARDIS to get me back to 1979 so I can take my own pics of Jim to use. Lol. I wish!

I haven’t taken a tally of where I am at with what I’ve worked through, but I think I may have reached the peak and now have fewer left to do than what I have done so far.

I shall tally it up.

Onwards and upwards…

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