Well…If I had seen This 48 Hours Ago…

I might not have felt such anguish. I wasn’t even bothered about a photo. It was never for that. Oh, but it’s lovely! Obviously I’m not…but Jim and Charlie are – and Jim’s smiling! I know that’s not exactly a rare thing…but it was feeling that way for me, personally.

I’m really happy.

3 thoughts on “Well…If I had seen This 48 Hours Ago…

  1. THAT is fucking brilliant. So relaxed and unique compared to all the traditional fan photos that you see. Tremendous

    • A bit of detail I neglected to add to the BIG blog post about the two gigs is that after the Aberdeen gig, just after midnight, I had an email from the OU labelled “URGENT ACTION REQUIRED”. The email saying “it appears from our records that you have either yet to apply for the SAAS part-time student fee grant or you have not been awarded the grant” and I was then in a state about that! I knew I had my award notification back home but it still was making me panic. When I got home I called them and said I had been awarded the grant. “We’re really sorry about this. Some students received this email in error.” Fuuuuuck! Thanks for the freakout, OU! 😒😒

    • And, thanks. I bloody love this photo. I know there are some fans really pissed off with theirs though. Some I have seen aren’t very good at all. I was lucky!

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