The Grandslam – Just Shoot Me Now!

Might as well get it over with. It really *is* “rob a bank” time. Or…time to sit some gigs out 😟😟😪😪

Not sure my heart will be able to take it either way…

Swindon – close to a friend.

Taunton – also possible…near-ish same said friend.

Leeds, twice! Close to a friend – and what are those asterisks for the Leeds gigs about? Ah…I see them now. Pretenders do the first date, SM do the second (that’ll be the one for me, then!)

Salford – I’m sure there’d be a few that would look after me.

Enfield – close (ish) to home.

Coventry – doable

Ardingly – a train journey down on the Brighton line. Though…Ardingly might be out as I see it sits bang in between the Swindon and Taunton gigs….which is weird and a bit crappily thought out (IMHO).

Anyways, tickets are on sale Wednesday at 9am – for those of you who ain’t skint to bloody buggery already, having pre-ordered every feasible format of Walk Between Worlds and have not already secured seeing them in February, and haven’t already bought tickets to other festivals and outdoor gigs (ie: me).

See for full details.

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