Memories – I Hold On To Them So Tightly…

I bury myself in the past because it is where all the best days are.

Two things about these photos from Colchester Grandslam 2018 – 1) The first photo of us all lined up for the photo op – my face looks as it does as I am freaking out as to where to put my left hand. I’m absolutely freaking out at the idea that I should place my arm around Jim’s waist. Lol. But even worse if I let my arm hang loose and I accidentally touch his bum or…the front area! Lol. So I decide to very loosely put my arm around his waist. 2) If you look closely at the three photos in which we’re lined up, you’ll see that Jim has a bit of my jacket pinched between his thumb and forefinger. I honestly don’t know why I do but I find that really cute and endearing.

Anyway…I’m always nostalgia tripping.

Simple Minds Tour Diary – Grandslam 2018 Compilation

A great retrospective of the summer’s Grandslam tour. I wish I could have gone to more in retrospect, having gone through most of July wondering if I should be going to any at all. But the three I went to were incredibly special for all varying reasons. And they will each of them retain wonderful memories. Meeting beautiful friends, hearing songs live at gigs for the first time. Having a meet and greet experience. All such amazing things. I’ll be forever “singing memories” with this band.

The Power Of Music

I really hope I can get this to work, because it is one of the most wonderful things you will ever see. The newspapers…the local Dundee ones…there is a young man pictured in the Evening Telegraph, dancing. His name is Paul and he was dancing his heart out at the gig last night. His mum Celia posted to SMO FB about what an amazing night Paul had and how Jim was his dance hero.

A video accompanied Celia’s comment, showing Paul dancing away, and it’s wonderful! I’m going to try to embed it here…but it may not work. Let’s try…

It’ll be optimised for viewing on mobile devices, rather than on desktop, but I hope it works. It seems to be appearing. Hopefully if you click on the details on the comment, you’ll be able to view the video.

An inspiration!


I can’t embed the comment directly, sadly…but just look for the comment from Ceila Sweeney in the comments on this post and you’ll see the video and a proud mum’s wonderful words.


Simple Minds In Slessor Gardens Finale Success!

Local Dundee newspaper The Courier and Advertiser showcased the gig finale in their opening pages with a glowing review. As if it would be any other way?!

Oh, I wish I could have been there! I pray it is not too long a wait until my next lot of gigs! “Normality” beckons for the next few months. On a personal scale, things will get busy and potentially VERY different. And, I still have several non SM gigs left for this year. With two already booked for next year, and two yet to be booked.

Anyway! The local review!

UPDATE: And more from other local paper the Evening Telegraph.


A View From The Other Side – Colchester

Now…I’ve seen a few photos from the gig…one or two with me in them…but I never saw THIS (CLICK HERE TO SEE) – a little 15 second clip of SM performing Love Song…but the camera swings round to the crowd…and who’s at the front at the end of the barrier? Yep! Mercifully “blink and you’ll miss me” short…but there I am…gob open, about to sing “lurve song”. Lol

Still, it is fun to have these kind of mementos.

Plays a bit juddery, but…


A Photo Finish At Taunton!

Local newspaper the Somerset County Gazette have posted a fabulous slideshow of photos from Sunday night’s Grandslam at Taunton Race Course. Not just of the music acts either, but of the punters in the crowd. I know several fans who went on Sunday, and it’s great seeing them all having such a fab time.

Just click on the image of Jim (one in the set) to be taken to the site to view the slideshow.


Quit It, Rain!

It was from a lady leaving a comment on today’s SMO post about her great time at the Colchester gig and saying the local paper had 125 photos from the gig in it did I go and look to see if I was in any of them…and lo. Lol

There’s “Little Beige Riding Hood” with a face that says “rain, can you PLEASE fuck off?” Lol. So funny…

Seeing Through The Eyes Of…

In my wildest dreams it would be “love”. I’m still not even sure what that look is. Last week I had convinced myself he was looking at me “seductively”. I didn’t even see it as it happened…my eyes most likely checking the camera screen to make sure that he was actually in shot. Without my glasses on, looking at the screen, I’d have never noticed him even looking my way. And so, I never saw this until I played the footage back in the early hours of Monday morning.

I play it over and over, hoping it’s for me, and not for the loved up couple that were next to me to my right. They were getting quite a bit of attention from him. Happily interacting with him. Whereas I am a self-conscious bag of chicken shit who can barely look at him. Why on earth would the man ever want to interact with me?

But if he did…just for this brief window of time…it is all I ever need.