Seeing Through The Eyes Of…

In my wildest dreams it would be “love”. I’m still not even sure what that look is. Last week I had convinced myself he was looking at me “seductively”. I didn’t even see it as it happened…my eyes most likely checking the camera screen to make sure that he was actually in shot. Without my glasses on, looking at the screen, I’d have never noticed him even looking my way. And so, I never saw this until I played the footage back in the early hours of Monday morning.

I play it over and over, hoping it’s for me, and not for the loved up couple that were next to me to my right. They were getting quite a bit of attention from him. Happily interacting with him. Whereas I am a self-conscious bag of chicken shit who can barely look at him. Why on earth would the man ever want to interact with me?

But if he did…just for this brief window of time…it is all I ever need.


2 thoughts on “Seeing Through The Eyes Of…

  1. Do you honestly think he would be looking at you seductively? I think you made need some help if that’s the case. You’re just a fan, like the rest of us. Jim is Jim. I wish you well

    • As a playful thing – yes. I don’t mean it as in…he actually wants to seduce me! Hell, I’m not that deluded. But I have seen plenty of other footage of him giving off suggestive looks, poking his tongue out…he even sat on some ladies laps in Dublin last year. The man likes a flirt.
      And I am not trying to put myself above being a fan. I know my place.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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