Memories – I Hold On To Them So Tightly…

I bury myself in the past because it is where all the best days are.

Two things about these photos from Colchester Grandslam 2018 – 1) The first photo of us all lined up for the photo op – my face looks as it does as I am freaking out as to where to put my left hand. I’m absolutely freaking out at the idea that I should place my arm around Jim’s waist. Lol. But even worse if I let my arm hang loose and I accidentally touch his bum or…the front area! Lol. So I decide to very loosely put my arm around his waist. 2) If you look closely at the three photos in which we’re lined up, you’ll see that Jim has a bit of my jacket pinched between his thumb and forefinger. I honestly don’t know why I do but I find that really cute and endearing.

Anyway…I’m always nostalgia tripping.

2 thoughts on “Memories – I Hold On To Them So Tightly…

  1. That is a terrific photo. You look like you are part of the band. 2nd drummer or percussion or something . 🙂 Good stuff.

    • Lol. Over Jim’s dead body. Lol. I probably have as much musical instrument capabilities as him.
      Hey…we should try and get back to the jams? I’ve all but given up on the drumming of late. And I have a kit at home and all. No excuse for me! Other than letting my defeatist attitude win. :-/

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