That’s Entertainment – AND Inspiration!

Wow! What a story, Lesley O’Toole! Your first professionl journalist’s interview being granted by Jim…and from there?! I’ll let Lesley tell the story herself in these two wonderful posts shared on Instagram.

Thank you for sharing the story, Lesley.

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Jim Kerr and me: December 8, 1982 at London’s Lyceum. In 1984 when I was still a law student at Bristol University, and still wild about Simple Minds, I wrote my first ever professional magazine piece – an interview with Jim. All the Scottish bands and loads more used to stay at London’s (in)famous Columbia Hotel so I wrote to JK c/o the hotel, asked him if he’d do the interview, and included a stamped addressed envelope. He wrote back saying: “Yes, 2pm Sunday.” I already had my own fanzine but this was the start of my “proper” career as an entertainment journalist. I still wonder if I’d be a lawyer now were it not for this. I certainly wouldn’t be as blessed and happy as I am living in LA. So thank you Jim for saying yes, and thank you Simple Minds for 35+ years of pure joy. Breathless with excitement for more of it at LA’s beautiful Orpheum Theatre later. ❤️🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎤🎸🥁 . . . . . @simplemindsmusic @gedgrimesmusic @cherissedrums #simpleminds #jimkerr #orpheumtheatre #thewaywewere #myfaveband #columbiahotel

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#FBF Simple Minds have been my favourite band for too long to mention – since I was a kid anyway. Jim Kerr was also my first professional interview as a journalist and who knows if I’d even have become one were it not for that and him. Last month I found myself in the front row for their concert at LA’s gorgeous Orpheum Theatre. And then Jim spotted me and sang to me. Which song? Only my all-time Simple Minds fave – Someone Somewhere in Summertime. Gigantic coincidence or no? No in fact – but some sort of conspiracy perpetrated by my friend Ged Grimes, their brilliant bass player, who somehow remembered my fave song, saw me in the audience and conspired with JK. I have no photos or video (these were taken later that night) but it will be in my head forever. Ged and Jim – thank you! I adore you both and this meant the world. And Happy St. Andrew’s Day to all my Scottish friends. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️🎤 . . . . . . . @gedgrimesmusic @simplemindsmusic #gedgrimes #jimkerr #simpleminds #orpheumtheatrela #orpheumtheatre #someonesomewhereinsummertime #magicmoment #standrewsday #scotland #lovescotland

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Flickr-ing Memories

I’m starting to go through the process of tidying up my Flickr account. With something like 20,000 photos in there, it is getting to be quite a trawl looking through them for a specific photo.

Yesterday I started with a folder of all the black and white SM pics up to 1984, today I started a folder of all the interactivity with Jim (either myself, or with other fans) that I’ve screengrabbed from FB.

My own interactivity with Jim started much earlier than I thought. This is from Friday, 13th (an omen!) March, 2015. Well over three and a half years ago! I don’t know why but in my head I didn’t feel the interactivity really kicked off with him until after I started sharing the art…but it actually was happening before that.

Aawww! It made me all warm and fuzzy inside! Lol! Look at him telling me to “calm down”! Little did he know. Little did he know…

Not long now before I can ask him again. Lol

Thank you, Sir. I treasure them all. Every single one ❤️😊


Burning Gold Memories

Such a wonderfully written piece by Sir today. I still have that envious feeling! Like I did when I read the Bowie biography I read years back. Through the hectic MainMan years…and, oh, to have been Coco Schwab! What an amazing life she’s had, being by his side.

Of course, the bit that tugs at me in particular today from Jim’s piece is the mention of Jaine Henderson as part of “the gang”. Not only was she their lighting girl in those early days…but she was Jim’s girl too. A lucky girl! In that “boys club” and oh, what a boy to have as “your boy”! 

From what she said in the Adam Sweeting book, she had very fond memories, but it was kind of bittersweet. She felt on the outer of that “boys club” – which I’m sure she did…but I would gladly swap with her! Not just because of Jim…but just, the whole thing. To be around in those early days and be part of that “gang”. I have always had this…magnetic pull? Affinity? Yearning? …to be in a circle of men – and I mean that in the purest non-sexual way! It’s probably just down to having older brothers, and feeling their influences…and being the most “tomboy” of girls. Always running about topless, in shorts, (I liked a pretty dress, don’t get me wrong! But shorts and no shirt was my “summer gear” lol.) riding a bike, playing cricket…loving cars and bikes. 

And it makes me miss my brother, David. I had not seen him since 2007 and I missed him so…and then he got taken away. Oz was really hard last year in that respect. I just kept expecting to see him at some point. That he’d come walking through the door, in this quiet, dour way. He was always so laconic. But what I would give to have an hour with him now! Nick Offerman reminds me so much of David. He makes me laugh so much…it’s the moustache, the eyes…and all that…quiet staring, but the wry smile. The dry, dry wit.

Thank you for the “nostalgia” trip, Sir. Yes, nostalgia did you, AGAIN! Lol. But it did me too as a consequence…

Happy Minds Gig Anniversary, kind, wonderful Sir :-))

Somebody Here Loves You Too

Such beautiful memories he has attached with this album. As for the photo you selected, sir? Oh, I do…until my dying day. You absolutely have me. Hook, line and sinker. ❤️

UPDATE: Time -22.41 AND HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS MORNING THAT YOU CHOSE A TRACEY EMIN PIECE?!!! I only just realised now! Lol. Man, I’m slooooow. Lol