The Brussels Photoset – March, 1983

This beautiful set of photos came my way very recently, from the collection of fellow mega Minds fan, Stuart Holland. I am absolutely bowled over by them! They are an absolute new treasure. Quite possibly the most prized thing in my ever expanding Simple Minds memorabilia collection.
Anyone enjoying these pictures – I do ask you to be respectful! Either: Please link back to my site directly if you want to share them, or failing that, I IMPLORE YOU TO PLEASE KEEP THE PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT on the photos if you copy and take from my site. Thank you.
I have seen a few of these photos over my three years of fandom, and had never known the photographer. At least credit is finally given. Others in the set I have never seen before, so again, I ask for some respect in sharing them.
Lastly…that last picture of Jim leaving the hotel…is the new fave. Forget the “trouser” shot (I know…once seen, it can’t be unseen! Lol)…this other pic is DELICIOUS!

Note: Click on each picture to see full image scan.

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