WANT! Gig Wish List – Number One!

OMG! I only saw this today. The gig (in London anyway) is 18 days away. I WANT THIS SOOOO MUCH! This man is…my drumming GOD. He is everything, in drumming terms, that I would ever aspire to be. I’ve never seen him live. It would be ssoooooo amazing to see him. So amazing.

I probably won’t be able to buy a ticket until next week. So…I just have to hope and pray some will be left then. Fingers crossed! It would be a DREAM to see him.

Rejuvenation Box Set – Now As A 7CD/DVD Package

A bunch of bonus tracks and B Sides come with it including: from the Cry sessions, Lead The Blind, For What It’s Worth, The Garden, New Sunrise and Where Is The Max? (Never heard of this song before): From Black And White 050505, Bird On A Wire, Too Much Television and Mighty Joe Moon: With Graffiti Soul, the Searching For The Lost Boys bonus disc with added track, a cover of T-Rex’s Children Of The Revolution: on Big Music, a bonus of the collaboration with The Stranglers of (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) plus the Johnson Somerset Big Music 4 Track remix CD. Plus lots of visual content on the DVD, official videos, etc, etc.

Check the link for full details (you can also see full details through Simple Minds’ official social media channels).

The bonus material makes this a tempting investment. The cynic in me wonders why it was not released simultaneously with the vinyl box set. The vinyl package looked lovely, but I couldn’t afford to invest, as of yet.

It hits the shops March 29th (just in time for Brexit. Yay!), but is available to pre-order now. (Click the image to see more)

Magazine Clippings – 1980, 1981 – Gig Reviews, Band News and Tour And New Music Info

The first snippet is dated Dec 6th, 1980. More tour dates for SM…it’s starting to wear Brian McGee out already…


Next – a review of their gig at Tiffany’s on March 1st, 1981 (printed in March 14th edition of NME). Brian’s final gig with them in Glasgow. Why they get labeled as being “pretentious” with their music at this point, I will never know. Anyway, the review ends unltimately positive. Thank fark for that!

The description of Jim walking onto the stage is utterly delicious. Uber cool…sex on legs. Geez, I wish! (Why was I only 10 years old and stuck in Sydney? *weeps into hands*)


Then…the parting of the ways with Brian and the ringing in Kenny Hyslop for his short tenure. (Reported on in the NME, dated July 25th, 1981)

Then finally, info on Sister Feelings Call being (from Oct 16th 1981) sold as a separate entitiy to Sons And Fascination, as opposed to them being twinned together in a package.


Ruts DC – The Hat Factory, Luton – March 31st, 2018

My introduction to Ruts DC was with them being support to The Stranglers when seeing them last March at Cambridge Corn Exchange – and, well, conversely it was SM’s billing of support for them (The Stranglers) on the autumn arena leg of the Big Music tour that made me explore them more and go and see them in their own right live (again…I had been aware of them for many, many years, but only knew a few of their songs).

And last night that run continued with Ruts’ support being local reggae/dub/ska band ‘easydread’ (small ‘e’, a la easyjet – they are from Luton after all). They were bloody fab! I ran into the saxophonist/co-vocalist on the way out – a very affable chap he was too. He had stopped to talk to another fan. I noticed him giving the guy a business card. I had no funds with me (a rare occasion on being so close to home, I could just take my phone with me and nothing else), so when he was done chatting with the guy I asked him for a card, said I thought they were fab and he told me of their upcoming gig at Esquires in Bedford.

The band are a seven piece combo, with a brass trio of trumpet, sax and trombone. Definitely worth checking out. This was their closer for their set – dedicated to Luton…

On to Ruts DC. WOW! These guys really are still the biz. It was obvious at the Stranglers gig last year. Both I and the OH were blown away by them, and I had promised myself to see them again. There was a short set they did for BBC Radio 6 Music towards the end of last year that was shared via Facebook Live and seeing that just compounded how fabulous they are to me.


Amazingly, when meeting Virginia Turbett, we got talking about other bands…who we like, etc (yes, it wasn’t ALL about SM and how many “fruitier” shots of Jim she had…) – and she’s a HUGE Ruts fan!

Rather bizarrely, when I first saw the gig on their FB page, I dithered about going. And continued to do so for WEEKS. I had just been to the SM gigs and so, for one, I was Skinty McSkintface. But I kept pondering it, thinking – it’s local, no travel costs, the ticket price is great…GO ON! And STILL I kept holding off, until Good Friday. I knew I’d end up regretting it if I didn’t go. So, that was it! Mind made up. Ticket bought.

And wow! Never to disappoint, these guys. A-MAZ-ING! An incredible wall of sound resonates from this trio. And they ROCK! Like, REALLY ROCK! They’ve not forgotten their punk roots…only difference is, THEY CAN PLAY! Geez! Can they play! To the degree they make it look like a piece of piss. A cake walk!

Last year, I really didn’t know any of their stuff. But over the year I’ve managed to take in Babylon’s Burning, Jah War and Mighty Soldier – all of which were on the setlist (I think any crowd would string ‘em up if they didn’t do Babylon’s Burning!), but so were Dangerous Minds, In A Rut, West One, Rude Boys, Music Must Destroy and Kill The Pain…all of which are really starting to make in impact on the brain.

I was in the bar last night (no, no drinking…just a place to sit for a bit) and Segs walked past me. I mouthed ‘hi’ to him and he said hello back to me. I couldn’t stop him. What would I say? At that point I was so ignorant, I didn’t even know his name! I just knew he was one of “the boys”. Since then (this morning), I have educated myself some and on who’s who, and a brief history of them.

As for last night and my VERY brief encounter with Segs…well, I wish I could have said, “Hi Segs, can’t wait for tonight. Would you mind signing this for me?” and produce my ticket stub with a pen (yes, Jim…I had a pen on me! Lol). But alas, I felt a fraud for being there and not even knowing his name!

Final words on the gig itself? A masterclass in performance. They are GOOD. Really good. Seriously. GO SEE THEM! I will be in future…again and again.


A souvenir. If only I had had THIS with me for Segs to sign.

The YouTube clip was filmed pretty much where I was standing last night (the guy was behind me and just to my left) and was MUCH better than my Facebook Live clip.

Welcome To Aylesbowie

Today was the unveiling of the David Bowie statue/sculpture within Aylesbury town centre. In honour of it taking place, at least for one day, the town altered its name…albeit unofficially, to Aylesbowie.

If I was to take a stab at crowd numbers, I’d say a couple thousand people were there. I did my bit to represent the Simple Minds contingent…complete with gold claddagh shirt.

It is actually quite an involving piece of art, chronicling the whole of David’s career. It was great being at the unveiling. Will be good to return soon to enjoy a closer inspection and take in the full detail.

Another “icontethefly” Special!

This time, as about as cleaner/clearer copy of the 1983 Bologna gig as you’re ever gonna get. No Celebrate, sadly…but pretty much all of New Gold Dream bar Somebody Up There Likes You and King Is White And In The crowd (geez, Jim loved a long song title back then! Lol). I was hoping to make it the return of the Weekend Whirligig Wish…but the gig is on a Monday. Drats! Let’s make it a Kerrsday Thursday special instead! Happy Kerrsday Thursday, peeps. He even flashes his tits off in this (okay, it’s a “taking heart” gesture during Glittering Prize. Lol. Run with me!)…I’d be MORE than happy for him to bring back the open jacket with no shirt on underneath look. MORE. THAN. HAPPY. Right! I’m gonna shut up now. Laters!