John Grant – A Kidney For Oleg

John Grant is holding a very special concert to help raise funds and highlight the need of a kidney donor for his friend Oleg. The gig will be taking place on May 2nd at Union Chapel in Islington. Applying for tickets was via ballot with those successful being given 24 hours for the opportunity of purchasing a maximum of two tickets. 

I have been wanting to see John Grant since I got hooked on him (thanks to a “certain person”!) when out in Australia last year, but nothing had matched up, or I didn’t have the funds, so when I saw this, I thought I would put my name down and see. I didn’t hold out much hope. But this morning I received an email saying I had been selected from the ballot and could buy tickets. 

I only needed the one, so that is all I bought. I would NEVER do what I’m sure some would and buy a second ticket, even if unneeded. I would never do that!

I am SO, so happy, helping in some small way for such a cause and for the opportunity to see one of (if not THE) the most amazing singer-songwriters going around right now. It is going to be a wonderful night.

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