Nocturnal Energies…

I am SUCH a dirty, dirty bitch. Lol. The penultimate sentence in Jim’s reply stood out for me. And the smiley at the end (I think it should have been a wink, though!) 

I may be a dirty cow…but how else is one meant to take that sentence?! Lol.

On a serious note, though…I myself have always found I’m more…cognative, perceptive, creative, adaptive and generally just more able to…take things in at night. From about 9 to 10pm right into the small hours I have the most creative flush. Especially with the digital art…it’s no so easy with the painting due to light levels…if I can get that sorted…I’d paint at night as well.

Having said that…most of the digital art that Sir liked and shared was made in Oz in the early afternoon (the quiet time mum and I had)…I think apart from one or two…Somebody Up There Likes You/Waterfront was certainly done later in the night. I was in Adelaide when doing that one, so I’m pretty sure I worked on it at night, when Janis’s kids went to bed.

As for now…Wall Of Love, the redoing of Citizen (Dance Of Youth) and Celebrate, the Warhol banana….all done during that 10pm to 2am time period.

The way you worded that sentence though, Sir…I may be a dirty cow….but you’re a dirty boy! (I like!!!)

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