I Wanna Go To Mars (Bar) – Caught (Out) In A Dream

I have tentatively started to work on revising my Top 50 list of SM songs. Probably a good thing to do before finishing my “Why I love…” posts that I started over 5 years ago. Where the fork has that time gone? Us humans have the most bizarre relationship with time, don’t you think? On one hand, a certain passage of time feels so much longer than it has been – on the other, it can disappear within the blink of an eye.
I can’t believe it has been 5 years since I was last spending time with mum.

Back to last night. There was a song I had in my memory. A song that I had asked Jim about and he (it already becoming a rarer thing by that point) replied to me about it. And I wanted to find that bit of “conversation” with him. Me in that eternal need to feel like…I could talk to him…that it meant something – not just to me, but to him too. Albeit just as the singer and songwriter of the band I fervently follow most passionately to all others. It just being that and nothing more to him.

But I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the song was called! And I knew I had written about it on my blog. Well, I would assumed I had – because I’d have been over the moon that he replied to me. I would have made something of it! But without remembering the song’s name, how the heck was I going to find it?

I had other songs in me head – Take Me To The Angels and Sweet Things. I listened to Take Me To The Angels – not entirely convinced it was that. It lead nowhere on a search of my blog. Had it been that, it would have unearthed my “tete-a-tete” with Jim about it. Nada. The song is great though.

Sweet Things I was even less convinced about as I know before listening to it, it became the track Destiny on the Life In A Day album. And I knew the conversation I had with Jim was about a song that never made it on Life In A Day – it was my premise for asking him about it – why hadn’t this song made the cut? What happened to it?

Although I was doubtful, I listened to Sweet Things too. Again, great. Although Jim’s lyrics are hard to decipher on a rather worn out old bootleg, obviously the song’s melody and tune is there – its musical structure in tact (albeit with a MUCH longer intro than what Destiny ended up with on the album). I guess Jim just wore his heart on his sleeve a bit more then? That he was fine with completely rewriting songs . The songs he’s rewritten? They obviously all work…but I canne help feel something gets lost along the way. Even if just the matter-of-fact notion that the previous words are discarded.

I am still no closer at this point. My search took me to Flickr as well, and my old catalogue of things. Art that I saved. Endless screengrabs of snippets of things that happened on SMO (what was THEN Simple Minds Official – no need for officialdom now, it seems). Bits of interactions with Jim. I quickly combed through it but I really couldn’t see anything that was relevant. Perhaps I hadn’t saved it? Hmmm. That would be odd!

So…how the heck was a going to find this thing?!

A theme became apparent to me from the other tracks I had just listened to. Both Sweet Things and Take Me To The Angels came from live recordings. I was working a bit blind last night (in bed, glasses off) so in my mind they had both come from the same gig at the Mars Bar. It is only looking again this morning that I see that Sweet Things came from a recording at Grangemouth at the end of 1978.

But I had a tentative thread in my mind – Simple Minds at the Mars Bar in 1978. That search on YouTube finally came up trumps!

Caught (Out) In A Dream! That’s the one! I listened to it again last night. It meanders a bit. It’s a bit drawn out. But…it’s band history. It still has its own bit of importance. If nobody else wants to champion discarded songs – esp. Jim (I have only just in these past few minutes read over his reply to me), then I will! Even if just for band history sake.

I’m sure there are a few songs that never even got recorded that are truly lost for good. That makes me feel sad. It’s kind of tragic. Jim may not see it this way…but everything Simple Minds has made and produced…it all has its special kind of magic. And, well, it might not all be magical to me…but I appreciate that certain things that don’t mean much to me can mean a heck of a lot to others. I’m sure he’d scoff at the notion but just…what if Caught (Out) In A Dream (I always add the “out” in brackets because I am sure he sings “caught out in a dream” which would then make more sense it was titled that way rather than dropping the word “out” in the song’s title?) was the song that cemented a person’s early fandom? Who knows? Yes, perhaps the band didn’t miss it but…you guys knew all the songs! Duh!

Anyway…I awoke this morning dreaming of a TARDIS and of the Mars Bar – a just turned 19 year old Jim in that David Bowie shirt he is wearing when Laurie Evans takes photos of the band outside – what I believe *is* the Mars Bar in 1978. Oh, he just looks glorious even then. And I hear the words from John Grant’s song…

“I wanna go to Marz (Mars Bar)
Where green rivers flow
And your sweet sixteen
Is waiting for you after the show
I wanna go to Marz
You’ll meet the gold dust twins tonight
You’ll get your heart’s desire
I will meet you under the lights”

I can never help but think of Jim with those lines. And me wishing I could time travel, and be that “sweet sixteen” waiting for him after the show. That he would meet me “under the lights”.

Dreaming of a life never lived….

P.S. It was so much further back in time than I had anticipated. Nearly three years ago was his reply to me! And I hold on to them so tightly…it felt to me like it was maybe a year ago, two years at most. Oh…I hold on to every little morsel SSSOOO tightly. I miss this SSSOOOOOO much!

Almost The Kind Of Post I Miss

Some poetry. Inner thoughts. Something beyond the mere plug of a gig, a product. Of course, that needs to be done, I guess.

But there is that human touch I was so starting to miss.

The end message seems to be “buck up, kid. Nothing lasts forever.”

Yeah. Don’t remind me. And don’t remind you are not one for sentiment much. Yet, you are.

And of course you have reminded me that I am wallowing. Which I try not to do. For ultimately, the only person who can make me happy, who can “cure my ills” is me.

Oh, but you helped. You helped immeasurably. And I freely admit I grew addicted.

You were medicine. A daily fix. Much like your daily walk is a therapeutic drug… your posts were to me. And… if there was word from you directly? A response? A reply to me? Such an elixir! The day was made. The smile barely leaving my face. “She grinned like a Cheshire cat.”

I kidded myself that moving here I’d take almost daily Clyde walks. Since my return from Oz, I’ve been down to the Clyde a solitary time. Crossed it several other times though… and it always brings that same Cheshire smile – be it ever so briefly.

The other thing I have loved here – to do with water… the sound of the rain on my bedroom windows. There’s a strange kind of comfort…

I Donut Want Any, Girly!

Lol. Oh, he made my day again today. Although, of course…the mere mention of black PVC trousers has my mind wandering off to all kinds of wonderful scenarios….

*fans self*

The initial reply from me was in response to him thanking a couple of Aussie fans for their posts to the visitor wall, and it being a year to the day since they (Simple Minds) landed in Perth for their most recent Oz/NZ tour.

I should have said something like “whereas I would be wanting to spend all my time trying to get you OUT of them!” Oh, man, I wish! Lol

Anyway…tight black trousers… 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Who’s The Boss? Meow!

Anyone care to guess here why I might not have expressed my grievance to the set list being a little short and stage time lacking, just a little, to Sir personally? 

That was EXACTLY the reply I feared. I love you, Sir…but you are a bitch! Lol

And he started off so nicely, and bit his tongue…as the edit history shows. Thumper got drowned out today! Oops! Lol

Nocturnal Energies…

I am SUCH a dirty, dirty bitch. Lol. The penultimate sentence in Jim’s reply stood out for me. And the smiley at the end (I think it should have been a wink, though!) 

I may be a dirty cow…but how else is one meant to take that sentence?! Lol.

On a serious note, though…I myself have always found I’m more…cognative, perceptive, creative, adaptive and generally just more able to…take things in at night. From about 9 to 10pm right into the small hours I have the most creative flush. Especially with the digital art…it’s no so easy with the painting due to light levels…if I can get that sorted…I’d paint at night as well.

Having said that…most of the digital art that Sir liked and shared was made in Oz in the early afternoon (the quiet time mum and I had)…I think apart from one or two…Somebody Up There Likes You/Waterfront was certainly done later in the night. I was in Adelaide when doing that one, so I’m pretty sure I worked on it at night, when Janis’s kids went to bed.

As for now…Wall Of Love, the redoing of Citizen (Dance Of Youth) and Celebrate, the Warhol banana….all done during that 10pm to 2am time period.

The way you worded that sentence though, Sir…I may be a dirty cow….but you’re a dirty boy! (I like!!!)

The Countryside

What a fantastic question to pose to him?! Rather jealous I didn’t think of it myself! 🙂 

And a wonderful reply from him. I don’t think I really took in quite what an…”aversion” he has to being in cities. When he replied to me once about London and how he feels to be there, I thought he was being a little…melodramatic (though London IS an extremely busy city)…but he had a similar view of Sydney – and Sydney is NO London – beats it hands down for aesthetic (in my humble – and somewhat biased – opinion) and open spaces, but he said, “Sydney is let down by the traffic” – isn’t that true of every city? 

Sounds like he feels positively claustrophobic in a busy city. That I can understand. As much as I enjoy visiting London (and I do…for the most part), I could never, ever live there! I could imagine the wonderful advantage of everything being right on the doorstep…but how do you SLEEP?! The city is ON…all the time. The tube closes after midnight…but the buses don’t stop…and there are people still milling about everywhere. 

I’ve never lived in the heart of a busy city. Where I lived and grew up in Sydney was in the south-west of the city, some 50kms out of the city centre. Luton isn’t a city and its town centre is about the size of the nearst biggest town where I grew up, Liverpool. Just beyond Liverpool is the suburban sprawl of Sydney’s south-west. Farmland repurposed for housing developments to house Sydney’s growing population in the 1960s. Luton and Liverpool (NSW) have very similar feels to me. I might have moved to the other side of the world, but I don’t feel like I’ve moved much in terms of demographic and urban landscape.

I’ve never given much thought to music evoking a place like that. Usually music creates a memory for me. The place where I am when I first hear it will usually be ingrained in my memory. Or, if not the first time I hear it, an occasion of hearing it that creates a unique memory. So many glimpses of things are attached to songs in my mind.

On the odd occasion, the only thing there is is the music itself. It just conjures up an emotion. A mood. And I may only just see the instruments being played.

That’s what happens with my favourite piece – Arvo Part’s Spiegel Im Spiegel. I’ve never had any imagery with it – which is very, VERY rare for me. Or at least, not the usual imagery…an imaginary place I’ve conjured up in my head or the place I first heard it, or a newer, special attachment it has to it. With Spiegel Im Spiegel I just see…dark and light and the violin being played. I don’t even see the piano being played.

Fascinating what we all experience from listening to music. All very unique and individual.