Warm Digits Tour Dates


The boys hit the road at the end of April and into early May to headline a tour showcasing the forthcoming album, Flight Of Ideas. I had already mentioned the album launch and signing happening at Rough Trade East in London on April 4th – beyond that are dates as listed below.

I would DEARLY LOVE to go to the Purcell Room in London but now I’m here living in Glasgow, I can’t really justify it. I looked into going, seeing how much it would be logistically but couldn’t really do it.

But I have already planned my logistics to see them in Newcastle and Manchester. Tickets for Newcastle went on sale this morning and Manchester tickets will be on sale tomorrow. And…Steve did say to me there will be an Edinburgh date too, so I will definitely be going to that one as well.

This band is ssooo stellar live (well, not just live). And they will be sure to have some special guests playing with them. If you can, go see them! Only Simple Minds and The Stranglers do I hold in as much esteem as these guys.

If you love your motorik beat “kraut rock” with a blend of electronica, you’ll LOVE Warm Digits! Check them out and go see them!

Sat April 4th 2020 – London, Rough Trade East
Thu April 30th 2020 – Newcastle, The Cluny
Fri May 1st – Manchester, Soup Kitchen
Sat May 9th 2020 – London, Purcell Room (South Bank)
Tickets/Info: https://www.songkick.com/artists/3015481-warm-digits

One Wish – Reimagined?

Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of Street Fighting Years…and I think I just ended up exhausting myself with having interviews for Life In A Day to try with more.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask Bruce for more time. As it was he started to worry I wanted to go though every single Simple Minds album with him. Lol. So…I just couldn’t bring myself to ask for one last interview session for a SFY retrospective.

The only others really relevant to it are Mick, Jim and Charlie…Mel too, I guess…and there are a few others. Trevor Horn…

And on that note! Minus any post Jim may do about the anniversary of SFY (I’ve got to say, I am actually STUNNED there is no box set release to coincide with the anniversary….but perhaps along with the Rejuvenation sets and RSD ltd ed. Graffiti Soul release, it was all deemed too much?) – I would DREAM of a reveal of he and Charlie being Trevor Horn’s special guests at the “Reimagines” gigs in July. At least the Glasgow one.

One can but keep dreaming, I guess…

But Where Would I Hang It?

Somebody is selling these on eBay (the banners…not the people in the pic…though I am open to offers!) …the band banner is being modelled by Yours Truly and Mr Dave Kramer, esq. just to give a sense of scale, I’m 5′ 4″, Dave is…a tall bugger! Lol. And Jim crouching must be at least 8 feet. Where the HELL would anyone put it? I mean…it would be faaaaab but….

Billy Sloan…if you ever look at my blog…this could be one for the SM “vault”. A bit of history.

I’m tempted, I have to say. Certainly would be a talking point…if I could actually hang it. Maybe I’d just lay it out on the lawn in the summer? Lol

Imagine it being viewable from the planes taking off and landing at the airport. Lol


Fave Pics From Split

The first was shared by Simple Minds Chile on Twitter with no link r credit as to where they got it…but it’s such a great shot of Jim and Cherisse – I had to share it! The others should link to source, hopefully. These are my faves…

Warm Digits And Vessels – The Lantern, Colston Hall, Bristol 5/5/18

It had been some 9 months since I saw the boys play The Lexington in August last year and I was long overdue seeing them again. Opening up with Two To Four Degrees off their latest fabulous Wireless World album. The crowd were into it from the get go. Only a small crowd as tonight the boys were relegated to support…but they were the main feature for me!

Amazing they made it at all, as I’d had a quick chat to Steve (guitarist and keyboard/programming wizard) before their set and he was saying he’d had his car broken into while they were performing the previous night in Manchester 😦 I, for one, was super glad he and Andy (drummer extraordinaire) made it down to Brizzle.

If I was to give any criticism to the set the guys did, it was that the vocal tracks could have done with the vocals turned up a bit…but that is being pernickety.

The set was fab otherwise.

Another chat with Steve and Andy afterwards, a ticket stub memento and a pic with them. And thank you for the beer/stout, Andy, it went down nicely. Thank you. To both of you for being great, chatting and just being awesome guys :-)) See you again soon in London.

We stayed for Vessels and I was not in any way familiar with their stuff. I went in with an open mind and open ears. They were very competent. The sound was great…but…I dunno, I just wasn’t feeling it last night. One track they performed was interesting and I was kind of into that one…but then they just went back to sounding a little…”samey”. There wasn’t anything wrong with them…I just wasn’t feeling it last night. They have a trance vibe to them and they were going down really well with the rest of the crowd. Had I been in the right mood/mindset for them, maybe I’d have got into them. But, I’d have preferred more of the Warm Digits boys to be honest. They were the big drawcard for me last night.

I shall leave with some footage of Warm Digits performing the title track off their most recent album, Wireless World. Once again, thanks to Steve and Andy for being awesome. Love you guys! ❤️