Random Musings And Tattooings…

Strange goings on on the old SMO visitor wall. It’s giving me a complex! 

Now, I don’t know if I am continually pissing him off, or there’s a rather zealous admin at work, or Facebook is glitching the fup out or what? But it started the day after Valentine’s Day. I asked Jim about clarification on lyrics to Life In Oils. I was (at least so I thought!) being impish and flippant in the way I’d written it out, but at the heart of it was a genuine enquiry.

It disappeared off the wall a few hours later. I assumed that maybe, for some reason, he took offence to it and I’d pissed him off. I put a little apology post up. Obviously I never meant to piss him off! That post got liked.

I did more art pieces, shared them on the wall. They got likes. One for “When Two Worlds Collide” got a like…but then disappeared. Along with a tongue-in-cheek post offering Jim a ticket (and a date!) to see From Ibiza To The Forfolk Broads in Luton. 

A post about my acquisition of Spaceface on vinyl was also liked, then later removed…along with a post about what I heard when listening to the Lostboy! track “Soloman Solohead” a couple of nights ago. Perhaps that one also pissed him off? I was only making an observation. 🙁

Quite a few of my posts are…disappearing. Deliberately being removed? Why like them first? And who’s liking them? An admin? And then Jim gets on and removes them? The other way round? Or am I just being really paranoid and it is just Facebook being silly buggers and totally screwing up the wall? My posts aren’t the only ones disappearing…but obviously I am noticing it more with my own.

Anyways…maybe I’ll stay away from the wall for a while :-/
(Jim breathes huge sigh of relief)

I’ve had a change of heart with the next tattoo I want. I kept thinking I wanted a line from Seeing Out The Angel (In colourful breathless emotional sea). I still do. But, I’d like “Catch me in a dream” as well too now…maybe with a little “dreamcatcher” symbol? That would be quite sweet, actually! I like that idea! And, I still want to get the catalogue numbers of EAD, Sons/Sister and NGD tattooed on my wrist.
Decisions, decisions…

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