Does He Like It?

I want to ask Jim a question. I haven’t really had a question to ask him for ages. I used to be asking him things all the time – over exuberant with enthusiasm, wanting to learn, soak up and absorb all things SM as much as possible. And if I had a question, well who better to ask than Jim himself. Charlie doesn’t really ‘do’ social media anyway and mostly my enquiries would be lyrics based or be something that Jim would be more inclined to answer.

In the past I’d have absolutely NO hesitation in going to the Simple Minds Official Facebook page and posing the question on the visitor wall. Back then when I liked the FB page and started following them, Jim would engage a lot. Reply to people on the visitor wall if they shared something interesting, etc. It very rarely happens now, and the wall is all but lifeless.

And well, I have promised Maris Piper (surprised he didn’t call himself King Edward, or “Charlotte”, or Desiree) that I won’t be posting to the wall any more – and a promise is a promise! And well, if I couldn’t even have a bit of flippant fun and ask Jim if he would collect me from the airport with a doughnut without it being deleted – who knows whether a genuine question would even be allowed these days?

I’m not gonna chance it!

I just heard Brian Eno’s Baby’s On Fire recently playing on the radio and the thought just entered my head instantly of Jim’s altering of the lyrics in I Travel and I was suddenly curious as to whether he liked the song. So…that would have been the question…does he actually like the song Baby’s On Fire? Was it what prompted the lyric change…that he liked it? Or did he feel it was a little more cryptic to have that as the lyric rather than simply saying “Brian Eno”?

Like other questions I have posed to him in the recent past (SEMI-MONDE, ANYONE?!), an answer will never be forthcoming – unless I remember to ask at the meet and greet in Bordeaux. Pfffft! This I doubt. It isn’t even that important anyway. I’ll live without ever knowing…

But I miss being curious, quizzing him, and on the odd occasion getting a wonderful response.

Oh, halcyon days!
“Nothing lasts forever” – J Kerr.


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At Least It’s ‘On Topic’….

So…two of my recent posts to the SMO visitor wall get deleted for…whatever reason. Okay. Fair enough.

But this gets to stay? No comeback from Jim? Nae nuthin’?

Well, it’s “on topic”, I suppose.

At least they’ve been allowed to express an opinion…

To each their own.

It Was Just A Silly Joke

Not meant to be taken seriously.

Let me explain.

As I was travelling back home to the UK I posted to the SMO FB visitor wall about having Jim greet me at Glasgow Airport.

I can’t remember what I wrote exactly. I was on the plane at the time and hadn’t slept for some time so I can’t recall exactly how I worded it. But I had joked in the comments of a post written a few days before about him greeting me at the airport.

This post to the visitor wall was a “reminder” – you know “tomorrow, 3pm, be there or be square” kind of thing. Just a silly thing. Light hearted.

So why was it deleted? Who got offended by it? Was it the mention of a certain Glasgow doughnut shop? I don’t work on commission for them!!! Simple Minds have no trouble with me mentioning the band everywhere else… or running this blog as a massive advert for them.

I know I am being oversensitive worrying about why it was removed but I just get miffed about this crap.

It was just starting to feel nice again. Jim was starting to post a bit more and those months of feeling persona non grata were going away… and now this!?

I dunno. Why do I bother?

As petty as a post like that is… you just do it for a bit of fun. When it gets deleted, it feels like a kick in the guts. Like, “Oh FFS, what have I done wrong now?!” Are you just trying to tell me to fuck off? Well… just tell me to fuck off then.

Meh. Never mind, eh?

Let’s just count the days until Copenhagen and delude myself he still likes me. If he ever did.

So…I Cannae Ask To See Him?

What the hell did I do wrong, now? I was only trying to be light-hearted. Have a bit of fun. Is it “irrelevant” to ask to see a current pic of the lead singer of your fave band? Was it deemed rude? I didn’t swear. Any sense of innuendo was VERY THINLY LACED (he was the one who was topless in the pic I was referring to…the Jan 17th pic of him holding his Paddington bear mug. I wasn’t the one putting the product placement in).

There are some weird decisions of what gets deleted that takes place on SMO FB. I genuinely don’t mind…I just find it bloody confusing. I’ll post something that I think will last all of five mins up on the visitor wall before it gets taken down (and expect it to be deleted) – ie: my captioned pic of him doing his flat-on-his-back-from-knees-down thing that he does (gotta work out a more succinct name for that move!) and Derek Paterson looking on at the side of the stage bemused. Jim went ahead and turned that into a post on the main SMO page! No one was more stunned than me by that one…

Then another time I’ll post something that I think is pretty darn innocuous (like last night) – ie: could I please see a pic of you, Jim (thinly laced meaning of “I miss you and I just want to see you”) and THAT gets deleted???!??!

It would make sense if there was some kind of consistency with it. Like, “you cannae ask this, this and this”. I mean there are very OBVIOUS things that I would never post or ask, etc. It may not seem it to some, but I DO have a moral compass!

Anyway…sorry…I was just once again left quite miffed having wanted to just make a little lighthearted gesture that I was missing him.

Nae mind.

Highlights And Bypasses

Mister is in this….I dunno what you’d call it…

Fixated! He is FIXATED on resharing people’s posts on the visitor wall onto the main wall (and who am I to say anything on it…without that, I’d have never felt the appreciation I did for my art – when he cared…when, seemingly, I hadn’t pissed him off so much as for him to be continually catty to me…oh, halcyon days! – but it’s been ramped up 100 fold at the moment).

As he has done lately, he quoted some posts left…but (IMHO) overlooked the poetry and sheer beauty of Charles McGurk’s post. I mean…if you’re going to highlight stuff, shouldn’t you highlight the best?

Reading that just made me hope that all that would be mine in four days time, and beyond. It buoyed me up again…because God knows I have been stuck in this churning circle of being wonderfully excited…then Sir pisses me off…and it all just sinks like a stone. 

With only FOUR DAYS to go…I want to be excited and actually anticipating it! Not dreading and fearing it. Thanks Charles for helping to give me some of that back. 

Random Musings And Tattooings…

Strange goings on on the old SMO visitor wall. It’s giving me a complex! 

Now, I don’t know if I am continually pissing him off, or there’s a rather zealous admin at work, or Facebook is glitching the fup out or what? But it started the day after Valentine’s Day. I asked Jim about clarification on lyrics to Life In Oils. I was (at least so I thought!) being impish and flippant in the way I’d written it out, but at the heart of it was a genuine enquiry.

It disappeared off the wall a few hours later. I assumed that maybe, for some reason, he took offence to it and I’d pissed him off. I put a little apology post up. Obviously I never meant to piss him off! That post got liked.

I did more art pieces, shared them on the wall. They got likes. One for “When Two Worlds Collide” got a like…but then disappeared. Along with a tongue-in-cheek post offering Jim a ticket (and a date!) to see From Ibiza To The Forfolk Broads in Luton. 

A post about my acquisition of Spaceface on vinyl was also liked, then later removed…along with a post about what I heard when listening to the Lostboy! track “Soloman Solohead” a couple of nights ago. Perhaps that one also pissed him off? I was only making an observation. 🙁

Quite a few of my posts are…disappearing. Deliberately being removed? Why like them first? And who’s liking them? An admin? And then Jim gets on and removes them? The other way round? Or am I just being really paranoid and it is just Facebook being silly buggers and totally screwing up the wall? My posts aren’t the only ones disappearing…but obviously I am noticing it more with my own.

Anyways…maybe I’ll stay away from the wall for a while :-/
(Jim breathes huge sigh of relief)

I’ve had a change of heart with the next tattoo I want. I kept thinking I wanted a line from Seeing Out The Angel (In colourful breathless emotional sea). I still do. But, I’d like “Catch me in a dream” as well too now…maybe with a little “dreamcatcher” symbol? That would be quite sweet, actually! I like that idea! And, I still want to get the catalogue numbers of EAD, Sons/Sister and NGD tattooed on my wrist.
Decisions, decisions…

Am I In Trouble AGAIN?

Is FB glitching to f***…or have I gotten into trouble off Sir again? Two of my posts have disappeared off the visitor wall. 

One about the “date”. Fair enough. I was only playing around anyway. But the other was my “When Two Worlds Collide” artwork post, which had recieved a ‘like’ this morning. Odd.

I just hope I ain’t in trouble or pissing him off again.

Did I Do Something Wrong?

I posted on the SMO visitor wall earlier, asking about lyrics to Life In Oils and it seemingly got deleted :-/

I didn’t even screengrab what I had written, cos I didn’t think something like that would get removed. 

I was being a silly thing, really. 

I’ll see if I can remember what I wrote…

I can’t really remember it verbatim…but I just said I was only sure on the Brecht words and the title…and that I’d like clarification on the others, if possible…cos I’d like to use them and not [insert panting moany vocal noices here].

I was just being silly and trying to make him laugh.

He must have taken offence…or we are just not even allowed to discuss lyrics on the visitor wall. :-/


One day good…the next day bad. Bloody egg shells!

I really do hope I didn’t piss you off, Sir? :-((