Highlights And Bypasses

Mister is in this….I dunno what you’d call it…

Fixated! He is FIXATED on resharing people’s posts on the visitor wall onto the main wall (and who am I to say anything on it…without that, I’d have never felt the appreciation I did for my art – when he cared…when, seemingly, I hadn’t pissed him off so much as for him to be continually catty to me…oh, halcyon days! – but it’s been ramped up 100 fold at the moment).

As he has done lately, he quoted some posts left…but (IMHO) overlooked the poetry and sheer beauty of Charles McGurk’s post. I mean…if you’re going to highlight stuff, shouldn’t you highlight the best?

Reading that just made me hope that all that would be mine in four days time, and beyond. It buoyed me up again…because God knows I have been stuck in this churning circle of being wonderfully excited…then Sir pisses me off…and it all just sinks like a stone. 

With only FOUR DAYS to go…I want to be excited and actually anticipating it! Not dreading and fearing it. Thanks Charles for helping to give me some of that back. 

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