Jim Kerr Likes It (But Not Any More…)

He posted today. And comments being liked on this post are being liked by “Jim Kerr”. And no, not the namesake fan but the “official” FB page of Jim himself. I have seen this happen just one other time recently.


Well, I would hunt a “Jim Kerr” like… but I’ll live if I don’t get it.

He knows how much I crave affirmation as is.

Time to apply even more “self-love” than normal! Lol

Speaking of which (in a very round about way) – my friend Stephen left this comment on said post…

I know you mean well, Stephen. It is funny…but hugely embarrassing also. And it just makes me think that Jim couldn’t be more repelled…honestly.

I used to kid myself that maybe he thought I was silly and quirky and that was “my thing”? That was the thing he liked, or got him to engage. I dunno. I never understood it. I could never work out why. But I bloody loved it all the same. How could I not?! It turns a girl’s head. And…I hadn’t had my head turned in a very long time.

Anyway…I’ll just end up like I was yesterday morning if I dwell on it. And I am airing this stuff in public…and despite how it might look, I really am uncomfortable about that.

And I had left such a short succinct comment about CaVa Studios today, hoping against hope that maybe he’d even reply saying “yes, that’s the place. Nice powers of deduction!” or some such.

Dreaming of the affirmation.


What did I do? Tell me what I’ve done? Am I just too much “me” now?

I wish it didn’t matter.

Hmmm: One Wonders What Sir Will Do With This?

I have my popcorn to hand…

UPDATE: Not much, it would seem. I feel terrible for having wanted him to be cattier than that. Lol. I dunno…been in that kinda mood the past few days. I shouldn’t want him to be a snidey bitch. It’s wrong.

And just when you think it’s all over…
Though, nothing catty. A very valid point. But it disappeared almost as soon as it appeared. The ultimate in “leave them wanting more”. Lol. The irony not lost on me. Perhaps he didn’t mean to leave it in the comments thread of this post? Perhaps it was meant to go elsewhere? Perhaps he just didn’t want to be construed as having a dig at Robert Smith? I shall investigate further the first two possibilities.

Well, several minutes have passed and I don’t see it posted elsewhere. WHY DO YOU DO THIS, Jim?! At least I was quick enough to see it/capture it.



If you want to read the article linked…here it is (just click!)

Having taken the time to read it over fully, on a personal note…yeah…14 page letters are probably not warranted too.

I Donut Want Any, Girly!

Lol. Oh, he made my day again today. Although, of course…the mere mention of black PVC trousers has my mind wandering off to all kinds of wonderful scenarios….

*fans self*

The initial reply from me was in response to him thanking a couple of Aussie fans for their posts to the visitor wall, and it being a year to the day since they (Simple Minds) landed in Perth for their most recent Oz/NZ tour.

I should have said something like “whereas I would be wanting to spend all my time trying to get you OUT of them!” Oh, man, I wish! Lol

Anyway…tight black trousers… 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

The Biting Bitch

OMG! He is SUCH a bitch!!!! Lol
OMG – Jim Kerr, I love you! (except for when you’re this bitchy to me…and even then, I quickly forgive you!)

When I saw this person’s comment yesterday (identity protected) I thought “Ooh, Jim is SSSOOO going to bite on this one!” and then forgot to check back. And lo…this morning…the crab excercised his pincers! Lol. I only saw it 20 mins ago though…but I nearly choked I was laughing so hard.

Highlights And Bypasses

Mister is in this….I dunno what you’d call it…

Fixated! He is FIXATED on resharing people’s posts on the visitor wall onto the main wall (and who am I to say anything on it…without that, I’d have never felt the appreciation I did for my art – when he cared…when, seemingly, I hadn’t pissed him off so much as for him to be continually catty to me…oh, halcyon days! – but it’s been ramped up 100 fold at the moment).

As he has done lately, he quoted some posts left…but (IMHO) overlooked the poetry and sheer beauty of Charles McGurk’s post. I mean…if you’re going to highlight stuff, shouldn’t you highlight the best?

Reading that just made me hope that all that would be mine in four days time, and beyond. It buoyed me up again…because God knows I have been stuck in this churning circle of being wonderfully excited…then Sir pisses me off…and it all just sinks like a stone. 

With only FOUR DAYS to go…I want to be excited and actually anticipating it! Not dreading and fearing it. Thanks Charles for helping to give me some of that back. 

Love Is Lost 💔 Lost Is Love

I was long overdue a smackdown, I guess.

And if, by chance, he had been reading the blog recently, I probably have given him much cause to be very stern. I should have expected nothing less.

I seem to be doing my best at pissing him off this year. Perhaps it’s just what I should do? Piss off. Leave him alone. Stop bothering him.

Sorry, Sir. It all goes without saying…

“Oh, what have you done?”

Who’s The Boss? Meow!

Anyone care to guess here why I might not have expressed my grievance to the set list being a little short and stage time lacking, just a little, to Sir personally? 

That was EXACTLY the reply I feared. I love you, Sir…but you are a bitch! Lol

And he started off so nicely, and bit his tongue…as the edit history shows. Thumper got drowned out today! Oops! Lol

So, sssooo angry today!!!

Someone took offence to a comment I made on the New Gold Dreamers Facebook group. What I said was TOTALLY tongue-in-cheek and, in my eyes, NO WAY offensive AT ALL.

The comment was a post with video showing Jim coaxing Charlie into an end of gig “dad dance”.

I said… “Lol. Charlie is sssooo ‘I really don’t think so, Jim. I’ll leave looking like a pratt to you, my friend.’ Lol”

I mean, bloody hell! I was just theorising as to what was going on in Charlie’s mind. He didn’t seem that “up for it” from what I could tell.

I didn’t call Jim a pratt! I was being silly and taking the Mickey. Not even Jim takes himself THAT seriously, dancing like that! I mean, FFS, we refer to his moves as “dad dancing” after all.

I said in reply to her saying “Bit rude” – or whatever the fuck knee-jerk shit she said….“Oh, come on…Jim’s dancing is a bit…” THAT’S ALL I SAID! Nothing offensive in that, that I can see, is there?

I went on to say how much I love his dancing. He doesn’t give a shit, and it’s funny!

I was merely observing how Charlie was with my comment.

They replied “only positive comments here.” FUCK SAKE!!! IT WASN’T NEGATIVE!!! GET OVER YOURSELF!

I deleted the damn comments. Blow me.

Anyway, I’ve now left the New Gold Dreamers group, so I hope this person is happy.