So, sssooo angry today!!!

Someone took offence to a comment I made on the New Gold Dreamers Facebook group. What I said was TOTALLY tongue-in-cheek and, in my eyes, NO WAY offensive AT ALL.

The comment was a post with video showing Jim coaxing Charlie into an end of gig “dad dance”.

I said… “Lol. Charlie is sssooo ‘I really don’t think so, Jim. I’ll leave looking like a pratt to you, my friend.’ Lol”

I mean, bloody hell! I was just theorising as to what was going on in Charlie’s mind. He didn’t seem that “up for it” from what I could tell.

I didn’t call Jim a pratt! I was being silly and taking the Mickey. Not even Jim takes himself THAT seriously, dancing like that! I mean, FFS, we refer to his moves as “dad dancing” after all.

I said in reply to her saying “Bit rude” – or whatever the fuck knee-jerk shit she said….“Oh, come on…Jim’s dancing is a bit…” THAT’S ALL I SAID! Nothing offensive in that, that I can see, is there?

I went on to say how much I love his dancing. He doesn’t give a shit, and it’s funny!

I was merely observing how Charlie was with my comment.

They replied “only positive comments here.” FUCK SAKE!!! IT WASN’T NEGATIVE!!! GET OVER YOURSELF!

I deleted the damn comments. Blow me.

Anyway, I’ve now left the New Gold Dreamers group, so I hope this person is happy.

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