Hmmm: One Wonders What Sir Will Do With This?

I have my popcorn to hand…

UPDATE: Not much, it would seem. I feel terrible for having wanted him to be cattier than that. Lol. I dunno…been in that kinda mood the past few days. I shouldn’t want him to be a snidey bitch. It’s wrong.

And just when you think it’s all over…
Though, nothing catty. A very valid point. But it disappeared almost as soon as it appeared. The ultimate in “leave them wanting more”. Lol. The irony not lost on me. Perhaps he didn’t mean to leave it in the comments thread of this post? Perhaps it was meant to go elsewhere? Perhaps he just didn’t want to be construed as having a dig at Robert Smith? I shall investigate further the first two possibilities.

Well, several minutes have passed and I don’t see it posted elsewhere. WHY DO YOU DO THIS, Jim?! At least I was quick enough to see it/capture it.



If you want to read the article linked…here it is (just click!)

Having taken the time to read it over fully, on a personal note…yeah…14 page letters are probably not warranted too.

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