Did I Do Something Wrong?

I posted on the SMO visitor wall earlier, asking about lyrics to Life In Oils and it seemingly got deleted :-/

I didn’t even screengrab what I had written, cos I didn’t think something like that would get removed. 

I was being a silly thing, really. 

I’ll see if I can remember what I wrote…

I can’t really remember it verbatim…but I just said I was only sure on the Brecht words and the title…and that I’d like clarification on the others, if possible…cos I’d like to use them and not [insert panting moany vocal noices here].

I was just being silly and trying to make him laugh.

He must have taken offence…or we are just not even allowed to discuss lyrics on the visitor wall. :-/


One day good…the next day bad. Bloody egg shells!

I really do hope I didn’t piss you off, Sir? :-((

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