The Linx Effect? (Not On Me, Gov!)

I must lose my sense of smell being round him or something. I’ve had the man have his arm around me, TWICE…one of those times I had my head rested on his chest! AND I DID NOT SMELL HIM!

Paris is the only time I ever thought I got a whiff. And…heady it was too.

I obviously need a new nose! Lol. The bizarre thing is…I’m usually super sensitive to this kind of stuff. Partly the reason I thought I fainted at the Franz Ferdinand gig last week…some ladies next to me had a quite strange and sickening mix of very sweet smelling perfume mixed with garlic…it wasn’t adding much to my wellbeing (or lack there of, more to the point), I gotta say…

Anyways…bloody good pic of him in that flamingo shirt…

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